• The simplest anxiety cure may be... breathing

    "Just Breathe." It could be the most over-used mantra 2021, but in the face of a global pandemic and daily tensions, simply 'breathing' is becoming a lost art. Breath has always been a core element of Suna Pilates, and new research suggests that correct breathing is one of the simplest ways to destress. View Post
  • Top 10 reasons Pilates is great for aging well

    Inventor of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, said "anyone who is stiff and out of shape at 30 is old, while someone who is supple and strong at 60 is still young." As you would expect, Pilates techniques and exercises improve balance, co-ordination, and flexibility - essential physical elements for all of us, but especially for those of us who are a little older. View Post
  • Suna Pilates Guide: Surviving the Silly Season in Style

    Merry Christmas! Here are Susie's tips for finding some calm in Christmas and enjoying the season. View Post
  • 2020 - Challenging ... and Transformational.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, 2020 has been a fairly traumatic year for a lot of people, with the arrival of a little virus we called covid 19. What can YOU do in a global pandemic? Actually, a lot. There has never been a better time to take action in your own life! Find out what you can do!

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  • We love natural New Zealand brands - Win a prize of NZ Made goodness!

    Local skincare and beauty brands Frankie Apothecary, Rayna Skincare, The Ama Life and Little Mango offer a delicious range of cruelty free, New Zealand made products. To support  #shoplocal, we've teamed up with these clever creators to offer a gorgeous prize pack.

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  • Reinventing Pilates Online

    Changing a huge challenge into an inspiration for diverification, Suna now offer memberships, personal training and even instructor training courses online, globally! View Post