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News from Suna Pilates

Build energy for a powerhouse winter with Suna Pilates June 01 2017

While autumn is a time to replenish our energy levels, winter is a time to become energy efficient and move with control. Our theme for winter at Suna Pilates is Build Energy. It’s time to be efficient with our movements, and as always, focus on doing it better, not bigger.

Which Pilates class is right for you? Hit your goals with Suna Pilates! May 25 2017

Pilates truly is an exercise that is good for everyone. All our pilates classes are equally challenging and will deliver equal results in fitness and muscle toning. But which class will get you to your personal fitness goals, and work best with your lifestyle? Let’s find out!

WIN 1 of 3 Private Pilates Sessions with Master Trainer Susie worth $250! May 16 2017

Just share an image on Facebook (or @sunapilatesnz Instagram) showing why you love Pilates, with the hashtags #sunapilates#pilateslovers #pilateslife #pilates to enter. You’ll be in the draw to win a one on one with Susie - Suna Pilates Studio Owner, Master Trainer, Nutritionist and Kinesiologist. 

Make my Mother's Day - What a woman really wants! May 10 2017

Maybe it's time to stop giving stuff and start giving time. Time for a walk on the beach, high tea with a friend, or a pilates class. Yes, you knew we would go there. Get your mum a free one-on-one tutorial and 2 week's free pilates classes! Read more.

The powerful benefits of breathing with Suna Pilates March 14 2017

Breath is a central principle of pilates – and there are some very compelling reasons why! At Suna Pilates we have a strong focus on the importance breathing correctly, with active inhalation and exhalation as this creates numerous benefits for your overall health, metabolism and energy levels. Find out more!


When you gotta walk the walk… our marketing co trials pilates February 14 2017

We asked the marketing freelancers at Fresh Marketing trial our Online Pilates Workout. They said "We knew this workout would be no walk in the park… but we’re also big fans of getting results, so we were in!" 

Keep your Pilates form these summer holidays! December 21 2016

Stay gorgeous, fit and healthy through the Christmas holidays and New year – let fitness be your gift to yourself; and start 2017 feeling amazing!

Pilates during pregnancy – Great for fitness & wellbeing! November 11 2016

Pilates is an ideal exercise during pregnancy as it builds strength, stability and mobility, improves posture and creates a happier, healthier fitter body for you (and your baby) to live in! You will look fantastic - and feel fit and flexible.

Bootcamp Pilates – Boost your fitness fast with SunaBlitz! November 02 2016

Does an exercise class that lasts just half an hour but delivers epic results sound too good to be true? That’s exactly what you get with SunaBlitz pilates bootcamp classes. Our instructors focus on posture and correcting your pilates form, so your muscles work correctly and effectively - and you get visible results, fast. This pilates bootcamp class is packed tight with exercises focused on strengthening and toning, so you can sculpt a beach body you’ll love living in.

Want a new body? Get a new buddy! October 10 2016

It's been proven that working out with a buddy gets you better results!