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Excess weight refusing to budge? Here's the science of building strong lean bodies March 24 2019

Generic weight loss advice only goes so far. We believe that it's far more important to follow YOUR body's needs than the latest fad. Using our Metabolic Typing and Muscle Testing with Kinesiology, we can let you know how your body wants to live. 

Summer's here - Let's move with vigour and use our bodies! November 27 2018

Summer is time to build your physical strength with vigorous workouts! Our Pilates classes are designed to maximise functional fitness; our summer workouts use exercises that build strength and free motion - and include a variety of free movements that make our bodies feel great!

Losing excess weight is not about eating less, but about loving more November 26 2018

Spoiler alert. Reaching healthy weight goals is almost never about striving to eat less. Find out why subsisting on tasteless salads doesn't move excess weight.

Summer Beach Pilates - Free Workouts in Takapuna November 22 2018

Join us on Takapuna Beach Reserve for a FREE Suna Pilates workout led by one of our fantastic instructors! Just bring a towel or mat and a water bottle and we'll show you how to start Sunday right. We'll be on the grass in front of Regatta restaurant at 9am. Put the workouts in your diary - 9 December and 20 January.

Get Gains with Suna Pilates - Spring is here & your body is ready to work August 28 2018

Spring Pilates classes at Suna have a focus on lunges and twists. Our bespoke Pilates classes use traditional Pilates philosophy, but add a fresh ‘twist’.

How Suna Pilates can help you resolve low back pain, permanently! July 26 2018

Are you living with back pain, have tried everything and it just won’t go away? It might not be “an injury” that is causing it. It could be functional, postural, nutritional or stress related … or any combination of those things! Susie explains that by understanding the cause is key to success in fixing the issue.

Learn about truly great posture - with Susie from Suna Pilates July 18 2018

Only when you exercise in the right posture do can you get the right muscles working in the right way to get results. Susie explains why Suna is different from other exercises and how we actually do get results!

How many Suna Pilates workouts per week is perfect? July 17 2018

Joseph Pilates said "in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, and in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference" and this can definitely be true. First of all you’ll feel the difference in your body. It makes such a difference to your physical strength and flexibility when you become aware of what correct posture means for you - and how exercising in the right posture.

Aging well and enjoying life more with a well body with Suna Pilates - Susie explains July 09 2018

Are you ageing well, or are you not feeling great about ageing? Do you feel good in your body? Susie explains how the right exercise can be the key to vitality, ageing well and living longer stronger.

Susie's drive to help people become stronger, younger and to heal July 04 2018

Offering over 135 classes every week using primal movement patterns Susie says, "clients are stronger, younger and are healing; isn't that what you're looking for?"

Your thoughts can alter your health and DNA, and exercise can rewire your thoughts! June 19 2018

They're calling it the next frontier in the field of health: mind-body medicine. We've been on that band wagon for almost two decades! Many extraordinary, well-researched studies have demonstrated a very direct link between our emotions, beliefs and thoughts, and the health of our physical body - even measurable changes in our genetic code.

Try SunaExpress with Reformers! Announcing new Express Pilates classes June 19 2018

Announcing exciting NEW SunaExpress workouts with our Pilates Reformers in the SunaForm studio - so you can get a high intensity interval training reformer Pilates workout in just 30 minutes! If you want an intense fitness burst that gives you a full body workout book your spot now.