• What is Kinesiology?

    Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing and most interesting developments in modern natural healthcare. There are different types of Kinesiology, but they all use muscle testing as the basis for their work. Kinesiology can detect imbalances in the body's systems in four key areas:  Chemical nu... View Post
  • Once-Weekly Saver Plan

    If you want to come once a week and not pay our casual price of $30 per class for SunaForm Reformer Pilates classes, you can choose a Once Weekly membership, and get one visit per week for just $22 each week.  View Post
  • Facebook Live Videos with Susie at Suna Pilates

    Everyone is welcome to join our Facebook Live series with Susie - At Suna we are passionate about helping people live their best life and enjoy whole body wellbeing!

    View our series here.

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  • NEW HIIT 45 Pilates Training - Thursday night sessions

    HIIT Pilates Training - Even more cardio, even more core strength!

    HIIT Pilates Training launches Ju;y 4th at 7.15pm on Thursday nights for your High Intensity Fitness burst! We’re stepping up our cardio, strength and fitness for extra impact in this new 45 minute HIIT Pilates class. Try it now at Suna. Challenge yourself to greater wellness and ‘HIIT’ your physical goals!

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  • Open Day - Discover the Suna difference & do a Free Pilates Workout

    The best way to explain why Suna Pilates is different is to show you. So, you and your friends are invited to try a 45 minute Suna Pilates workout at our studio in Takapuna - for free!

    You can also discover the incredible benefits of Kinesiology, Pilates for Rehab, Using Suna for High Performance training - and chat with us about our Wellness assessments and how they can help you.

    Join the event on Facebook & invite your friends!

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  • Creating a stronger self-image - Susie's Six Self-Love Strategies

    We're constantly bombarded with messages about trying to look better, slimmer, prettier, hotter, more fashionable, younger, sexier, richer, more beautiful. Hey, no pressure, right? Find out how to change your view point. View Post