Breathe and believe - it can change your life

Many people are moving through life with low oxygen saturation. This means you will be lacking in energy - and when we say “lacking energy” we mean free readily available energy - which is created through correct breath function and good posture.

Oxygen is our main source of life and breathing not only fills the body and organs with oxygen, it helps strengthen muscles; and if you are feeling foggy, correct breathing can help clear the mind. 


The difference between breathing at a less than ideal function and correct breathing function can be staggering. 

Having been in this business for over 20 years, we have seen asthmatics cure their asthma (no more inhalers), people go from unmotivated with very low energy to high energy and high motivation and most importantly, we’ve seen people get much happier. 

Exhalation is the main way to expel toxins, so if we are not breathing correctly, it contributes to a wide range of health problems. 

The busy lifestyles that we have created leaves us in a chronic state of fight or flight response. The lungs are rich with parasympathetic nerve receptors which help calm the mind and body; so nose breathing and taking deeper fuller breaths stimulate the lungs, and more oxygen is distributed around the body in greater amounts.  If you breathe into the upper lungs (associated with chest and mouth breathing), this triggers our sympathetic nerve receptors – resulting in a ‘fight or flight’ reaction.

Breathing is an important regulatory mechanism for the autonomic nervous system that runs our bodies… so better breathing patterns create a happier, healthier body with better immune function, more mobile spines, and everything good you want….  Not to mention, great breathing technique can help increase your metabolism, reduce excess fat and clear your skin!


Suna Pilates can train you to live a better life by breathing correctly

Suna Pilates workouts focus on posture and breathing with every movement we do - and because our Trainers don’t work out with you, they watch you, correct you, instruct when and how to inhale and exhale, so you learn fast.

We retrain your mind and body and mind body connections for better posture and breathing function. You can trust us that while we are training your body to be stronger, toned and function correctly, we are making you feel amazing with every breath you take. 

Let’s create a stronger healthier body for you to live your life to its fullest.