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Welcome to Suna!  You can choose a great value Suna Intro Pack for unlimited Pilates classes - try them all! 

 Pilates is for everyone, and regardless of your fitness level, age and goals, we have got the right Pilates class for you. If you want a great Pilates workout building strength and tone as well as functional fitness, you’ve come to the right place for amazing results. De-stress and re-energise with Pilates - and enjoy feeling mentally and physically fantastic. 

 All new members get a 15 minute intro and unlimited classes - choose a 1, 2 or 3 week trial pack - and you can fast track your Pilates goal by adding personal training sessions.

Suna Pilates is Pilates like you have never experienced before – not just because of the exceptional quality of our trainers who have all been trained by us with one of the most extensive training and development programmes in the world and who direct, correct and supervise you through every exercise, but because it really is different!

 Over the last 20+ years we have taken Pilates – as devised by Joseph to teach and re-instate correct posture and to build your core and ensure you get amazing results by using the right muscles in the right way at the right time and we have added to it. We’ve added functional fitness and exercises to build your body and your function for life. We’ve added interval training to increase your cardiac health and fitness levels and we focus on correct breathing with every exercise not just to oxygenate you and increase your energy, but to keep you present and mindful in every class to ensure you are energised and de-stressed. We’ve also added suspension training to our reformer and Fit equipment – for fun and variation.

We think Suna Pilates is the best and most natural exercise that there is – it has been very carefully designed to strengthen and balance muscles to create correct posture and function and emphasis on doing and feeling it right in order to get the best results. Long term practice sets you up for aging well so you live longer stronger – getting the most out of your body and the most out of your life.

It’s easy to give Suna a go – no strings attached – with one of our great value introductory packs.

Start your Intro Pack now.

$20 Pilates Trial Week
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