Pilates Instructor Training Certification with Suna Pilates in Auckland

Why choose Suna for Pilates Instructor Training?

Suna is nearly 20 years old and we have trained hundreds of Pilates Instructors in this time; both for our Pilates studio and as independent Pilates trainers.

Our main goal is to help people to feel better, look better and to be better; this is why we are in business, and training others to teach our unique style of Pilates.

We believe Pilates is the best and most natural exercise that there is. Pilates helps us to re-instate correct posture in our clients, allowing them to improve and optimise their fitness, their form and their function … to build stronger, more vibrant, energised and balanced bodies, to feel incredible, look fantastic, and live well longer and stronger. With a focus on mind-body connection, Suna Pilates is designed to be a highly effective mindful exercise, so clients leave sessions feeling refreshed and energised, not exhausted. Our objective is for them to work their bodies and free the mind! Find out more.


Why Suna Pilates offers Pilates Instructor Training Courses

Co-owner and Master Trainer Susie Cleland trained through Stott Pilates over 20 years ago and has completed other training courses all over the world. When opening Suna Pilates, Susie was frustrated with the lack of quality trainers and training courses for Pilates. So with years of experience and much research, Susie devised what we believe is one of the most extensive Pilates Training courses in the world – and we are proud that all our Suna Pilates trainers graduate from these courses.

Our reputation for training formidable Suna staff saw us develop Pilates Training Courses for independent trainers who either wanted to run their own Pilates classes or who wanted to incorporate the knowledge into their field of work.  We have had chiropractors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, self-employed mums, doctors, clients who want to understand our classes even more, and clients from many more walks of life.  There are no restrictions on who can take our Pilates Instructor classes - we want to spread the Suna love of helping people as far as we possibly can.

We do prefer Trainers to begin without prior Pilates experience so we can train them in the Suna style from the outset.  We know we have the best teaching methods and a proven track record, and you are welcome to use the free week at Suna prior to your first Mat course to experience the Suna Difference yourself.

We’ve taken our full training course and modalised it so that we can offer independent trainers exactly the training course they want, with as few pre-requisites and requirements as is practical and possible.

We are keen to build a community of like-minded people who all have a focus of showing others the way to be better and live better. We learn, then we teach and teaching and sharing is our gift – we believe it’s what we contribute to the world. 


Suna Pilates Instructor Course Methodology

Our courses are not theory-heavy Pilates courses with lots of book work as devised by Joseph 100 years ago! Our Pilates classes are different - which means our courses are different in a number of ways:

  • Our courses are taught by our Master Trainers who currently train our Suna Staff. They are highly experienced Instructor Trainers who work every week with clients, taking group classes and individual clients (not instructors who just teach courses and are removed from classes and clients). We believe it is hands on, every day experience that keeps you up to speed on clients' needs and wants, so with over 30 hours training per week, our trainers are right up to date. 
  • Our courses are very practical with lots of time to put theory into practice.
  • Our courses have an emphasis on ensuring that you come through the course feeling motivated, confident and fully equipped to take classes from day one – we focus on ensuring you leave our course able to deliver a class that challenges people of all abilities and fitness levels safely.
  • Our courses teach you how to build different workouts for all levels that keep your classes interesting so clients will keep coming and realise they have found change that they are looking for – we’ve even got sets of session sheets that you can purchase to take the hard work out of getting started.

So, there is a lot of learning, but a lot of practice as well. We believe there’s no point in studying theory if you can’t use and demonstrate it afterwards.


Suna Pilates Instructor Training Courses 

We offer group courses as well as private individual courses depending on your needs.


Book more than one course and SAVE

Our Mat Pilates Instructor Training Course is a pre-requisite for the rest of our courses as it covers all of the essential basics and equips you to lead a Suna Pilates style workout. However if you are a certified Pilates instructor, feel free to chat with us and we can see if these courses will be suitable for you without having completed our mat courses. 

If you choose to add on courses when you book your Mat Training, you will make significant savings. 

Mat Pilates + 1 Half day course  -  $1295  (RRP $1345)  

Mat Pilates + 2 Half day courses  -  $1555  (RRP $1695)  

Mat Pilates + 4 half day courses  -  $2045 (RRP $2195)  

Mat Pilates + Reformer Course  -  $3120 (RRP $3495) 

 * Our half day courses are Small Apparatus Flexiband, Small Apparatus Balls, Rehab and Postural Analysis.


Gain an internationally recognised Pilates Instructor Qualification

Our certification is widely recognised and our trainers are teaching all around the world. With Pilates, experience and skill are most important in guaranteeing that you can deliver classes to a level that challenges people of all abilities and fitness levels safely. If you are thinking about doing a Pilates Instructor course with us in order to work overseas, our experience has been that Suna trainers only need to demonstrate what they can do to prospective employers to be offered a job.

Graduates of our courses can say they are Suna Pilates accredited and leverage the brand, they can advertise that they do Suna Pilates courses to differentiate them from ‘traditional Pilates’ - and they can get ongoing training and support.


Testimonials from our Pilates Instructor Course Graduates

"I’m English but lived in NZ for three years and trained with Suna Pilates to be a Pilates Instructor. When I went back to England to go to Medical School I easily got a part time job at the David Lloyd Fitness Centre – they asked me to take a class for them as a trial to see what I could do and as soon as I’d finished the class they offered me a job." - Luke Anwar, England
"I worked at Suna In New Zealand for four years before going home to Canada. The training I received was fantastic – I was offered a number of jobs at boutique studios when I returned home and now I’m looking at setting up my own Pilates Studio. I’ve looked into additional Pilates courses since I got home and none of them are of the standard of training I received at Suna. I’ve been teaching in Canada for the last 9 years, and I’m in great demand as a trainer." - Lauren Olsen, Canada
"I worked at Suna in Auckland and then I moved to Queenstown and after doing a demo of one class with 3 people in it I got offered a job immediately." - Ana Tonkin, Queenstown
"I trained to be a Pilates Instructor at Suna firstly for my own development but secondly so I could supplement my income while auditioning for acting work in LA. The fitness world in LA is very competitive but I had no problems getting work. My training at Suna was awesome and I know that no matter where I go in the world I’ll always be able to get jobs teaching pilates if I need to." - Claire Chitham, Actress
"Being a Triathlon Coach I am always looking for ways to improve my athletes performance and one of the key area's most of them need to work on is core strength, flexibility and functional movements. Being a Suna member for many years and knowing the principles of Pilates, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the Mat Basics course. The three day course over exceeded my expectations, I came away from the course with confidence to be able to take this information and use it with my clients. The course is a starting point for anyone wanting to learn about the body and how we can make people's lives more enriched by moving more freely, being injury/pain free, becoming strong not just in the body but the mind as well. Libby's way of teaching was simple and easy to understand, I never felt out of my depth and would highly recommend anyone to jump onto the next course."  - Sue, Auckland


Suna Pilates Instructor Training Courses