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Pilates Instructor Training Certification with Suna Pilates in Auckland

Why Become A Pilates Instructor?

Our 20+ years experience, being globally recognised and our reputation for training formidable Suna staff saw us develop Pilates Instructor Training Courses for independent fitness professionals who either wanted to run their own Pilates classes, join an existing studio or who wanted to incorporate the knowledge into their field of work.

We have trained chiropractors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, self-employed mums, doctors, and Pilates clients - our graduates come from many more walks of life. There are no restrictions on who can take our Pilates Instructor courses and you don’t need any experience as we train you on everything you need to know.

With Pilates, experience and skill are most important to guarantee that you can deliver classes to a level that challenges people of all abilities and fitness levels safely. Suna Co-owner and Master Trainer Susie Cleland trained through Stott Pilates over 20+ years ago and has completed many International training courses. With over two decades of experience and intensive research, Susie devised what we believe are some of the most extensive Pilates Instructor Training courses in the world. We are proud that all our Suna Pilates Trainer graduates from these courses.

Almost all our courses can be completed either in the studio, or via online training! Plus, book two or more to SAVE. View upcoming training course dates.

"I have gone from a stay at home mum of 5 to a Pilates Instructor, fully booked and helping people... This course has changed my life!! Thank you so much for everything." - Bobbie

 Expect more from a Suna Pilates Instructor Training Course

Our courses are not theory-heavy Pilates courses with lots of book work as devised by Joseph 100 years ago! Our Pilates classes are different; so our courses are too:

We have added interval training to strengthen the heart and for better cardio so every exercise we "power up" at the end of each set. 
Posture is key so we teach you to verbalise the movement, educate where your clients should feel it, and learn hands-on adjustments.
Our courses are taught by our Master Trainers who currently train our Suna Staff. They are highly experienced Instructor Trainers who work every week with clients, taking group classes and individual clients (not instructors who just teach courses and are removed from classes and clients). We believe it is hands on, every day experience that keeps you up to speed on clients' needs and wants, so with over 30 hours training per week, our trainers are right up to date. 
Our courses are very practical with lots of time to put theory into practice.
 We focus on ensuring you leave our course able to deliver a class that challenges people of all abilities, ages and fitness levels... safely.
So, there is a lot of learning, but a lot of practice as well. We believe there’s no point in studying theory if you can’t use and demonstrate it afterwards. We offer group Pilates Instructor Courses as well as Individual Training depending on your needs.

Gain an internationally recognised Pilates Instructor Qualification

If you are thinking about doing a Pilates Instructor course with us in order to work overseas, our experience has been that Suna trainers only need to demonstrate what they can do to prospective employers to be offered a job.

Graduates of our courses can say they are Suna Pilates accredited and leverage the brand, they can advertise that they do Suna Pilates courses to differentiate them from ‘traditional Pilates’ - and they can get ongoing training and support.  

Suna Pilates Instructor Training Courses

  1. Mat Pilates Essentials Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  2. Mat Pilates Level 2 - Pilates Instructor Training
  3. Reformer Pilates Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  4. Functional Fitness Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  5. 6 Course Pilates Instructor Certification Combo
  6. Suspension Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  7. Pilates in Pregnancy Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  8. Rehabilitation Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  9. Postural Analysis Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  10. Swiss & Pilates Balls - Pilates Instructor Training
  11. Flexiband Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  12. Hand Balls Course - Pilates Instructor Training
  13. Roller Course - Pilates Instructor Course