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Suna Pilates FAQs + App Info

GymMaster App FAQs

Where can I download the GymMaster Member Portal App?
Having the app on your phone makes it so easy to plan your workouts, keep in the loop with notifications, and book classes. Download and login to stay connected! For iPhone click here and for Android click here. When you sign up, tap the Remember Me option to stay signed in.
How do I stay logged in to the app?
Go to Settings and, under Preferences, click on Remember Me.
Do I get notified when I automatically move off the waitlist?
Yes, we send you a text, and you can check the app as well.


Questions about Suna Pilates

What is Pilates?

  • Pilates is the best and most natural form of exercise there is!
  • Pilates combines stretching, breathing, posture and movement control, using both the mat and specially designed Pilates equipment like Reformers. Our Pilates equipment is all spring-based giving your body resistance to work against, meaning your muscles get lengthened and toned (not bulked up).
  • Pilates exercises are all based on 6 key postural principles to make the exercise more focused. These exercises make the body work in the way that it’s meant to, by increasing core strength and ensuring that everything you do is initiated from the core.
  • We use a strong postural focus - because when posture is not right the muscles can't work correctly; this is when exercise does not work.

Why should I try Suna Pilates?

Suna Pilates is not just about doing exercise to make yourself look good - it's about making a commitment to your long-term health and wellness. By doing a form of exercise that helps you better understand your body and ensures that it works the way it's meant to, you will correct bad posture habits and enjoy a great fitness-focused full-body workout.

And, it's not only your body that will get a workout! One of the foundations of Pilates is mind and body co-ordination - so you will leave feeling both mentally and physically refreshed. Our classes are true to the original principles of Pilates; but often higher energy and more dynamic.

  • Pilates works - and works quickly, to get results fast!
  • Pilates is a great full body workout – it increases toning and general fitness very quickly and will make an amazing improvement to your long-term health and well being.
  • Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. 
  • Pilates will improve your posture and make good posture automatic instead of an exhausting effort.
  • Pilates will improve your core conditioning, strength and flexibility, complimenting and improving your sporting abilities.
  • Pilates is great for rehab or if you have any injuries... bad back, neck tension, headaches etc. - because it will train your muscles to work in the correct way and in the correct posture.
  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness with Pilates! We build HIIT (interval training) into all of our classes (woohoo... great for your heart) and exercises can be low or high impact to suit all levels of ability.
  • Stress relief - because Pilates is about mind / body connection you really can’t think of anything else while you are doing a class, so you leave feeling energised and mentally refreshed.
  • It’s fun – with a variety classes and Pilates equipment, in a friendly and relaxed studio environment.
Where is the Suna Pilates Studio?
  • Our Takapuna Pilates Studio is in Takapuna at 1 Barry's Point Road, upstairs above IE Produce, only 10 minutes from the city and handy to the motorway.
  • Find Suna Pilates studio on Google Maps here.
  • There is a free car park – lots of parking available.

What type of Pilates Classes do you do?

  • All our classes are equipment based, fully supervised and directed by an instructor, and workouts are 45 minutes long.
  • With over 100 workouts a week we have a range of Pilates classes to suit everyone.
  • You can choose Personal Training if you prefer one-on-one Pilates sessions.

When do you have Pilates classes?

  • We are open 7 days a week and only close on statutory holidays.
  • The first class of the day starts at 6am or 7am on weekdays, with the last class of the day ending at 8pm.
How do I get started?
  • Our Pilates Trial Packs are a great way to experience Suna Pilates.
  • Following your trial the most economical way to go forward is with one of our Membership Plans so you can come as often as you like!

How much does a Pilates class cost?

Pilates Trial Packs begin from $30 for 4 classes, and you can see the prices of our classes and memberships here. Casual classes start from $20.00 and memberships start from just $16 a week!

How often should I do Pilates?

If you do Suna Pilates twice a week you will quickly start to feel and then see the difference but, the more Pilates workouts you do, the faster the results will be!

What should I wear?

Pilates is done with no footwear so you may either wear socks or bare feet.  Wear something comfortable that you are able to stretch your body out in, so nothing too tight or restricting.

Will I get a good ‘cardio’ work out?

Suna Pilates is great if you want a cardio workout because one of the key things we focus on is your breathing. 

Why are your Pilates classes only 45 minutes long?

The body doesn't continue to learn after 45 minutes - why do an hour or more when 45 will give you the same result? Longer than 45 minutes of doing what we do can overload muscle groups and lead to training incorrect muscular sequencing patterns. This also gives us time to fully clean the studio between classes.

Is it ok to do Pilates while pregnant?

Improving your posture is one of the best ways to prepare for getting pregnant to limit issues with pregnancy and childbirth. We have many clients and trainers who do Pilates in our classes throughout their pregnancies with great results, and we cater to all levels in our sessions. We have been teaching pregnant mums since opening in 2000 without issue. If you have any concerns please get in touch - we are really happy to talk! 

Lying on your back is not a problem for normal pregnancies. What is discouraged is lying on your back resisting a weight from above with the legs, as it puts a lot of pressure on the pelvis. At Suna Pilates we only use resistance springs, not weights, so this is not an issue.

When starting anything new during pregnancy, we believe it is best to start after 12 weeks, as long as your LMC has classified your pregnancy as low risk. So, the best thing to do is talk to the trainer who can recommend classes to suit.

What is kinesiology?

Find out about kinesiology sessions at Suna.