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Pilates sessions for Schools, Sports Teams & Clubs - Elevate Performance

Pilates sessions for Schools, Sports Teams & Clubs - Elevate Performance

If you play sports you need Pilates for injury prevention and increased performance through improved core strength, flexibility and mobility!

Ask about Pilates classes for your team – at your clubroom or in the studio!

If you are a member of a sports team (or your kids are), and you are keen to improve your sports performance and reduce your injury risk, we have specific sport teams classes that we can do for you, either in studio or at your club. 

Our Suna Sports Team Classes can quickly improve core initiation, strength, and flexibility meaning faster reflexes and better sports performance. The classes focus on Sports specific exercises – that will strengthen your team in the movements needed for their sport and will correct posture diminishing injury risk… that’s why so many famous sports people all over the world who want the competitive edge are discovering Pilates and incorporating it as a vital part of their training routine.

It’s time to improve your game… the Suna the better!

  • Team Classes by arrangement
  • Maximum 20 people per session
  • $140 per session (only $7 per person)
  • For more information give us a call 09 489 1987

Contact us to ask about us coming to your club and running a session - just get a group of 10 or more together!


TESTIMONIAL: Ben Kelsey, Principal of Northcote Intermediate School

"Thank you for training our Year 8 Water Polo Team for the past six months. The difference in their strength and throwing accuracy is amazing. The kids are excited, the results have been great and we have had no injures. Most importantly, the kids are enjoying the sessions and learning so much about posture and exercise for increased sporting performance."


Pilates for cyclists

Body taking a beating on the bike?

5 reasons Cyclists need Pilates

  1. Increased core strength means you transfer more power to the pedals
  2. Prevention of lower back and neck pain through improved posture on the bike
  3. Correction of muscle imbalances between upper and lower body
  4. Greater endurance through focused breathing and interval training with reduced recovery time
  5. Improved alignment and core stability for greater balance and body awareness



Pilates for golfers

Would you like to hit the Golf ball further, straighter and more accurately with less chance of injury? 

Pilates can seriously improve your game! Whether twisting the body on a drive, squatting down to measure a putt or leaning over to pick up a ball, golfers constantly challenging their bodies. Golf also requires repeating the same essential movements. As a result some muscles become overused and others weaken, causing an imbalance.

Suna Pilates is based on movement from the center of the body, as are most shots in golf. It strengthens the center of the body, also known as the core. Core strength can improve hip rotation, range of motion in the shoulders and back stability leading to more powerful and accurate golf shots. It is also a full body exercise that works all muscles and is easy on the joints. The end result is a flexible, symmetrical body that is strengthened from the inside out.


Pilates for volleyball players

Want to give your game your all?

5 reasons you need Pilates

  1. Increased core strength, improving your performance by giving you power, precision and control to dig, set and spike the ball.
  2. Better dynamic control of your movements meaning you are less likely to sustain an injury.
  3. Greater endurance through focused breathing and interval training, with reduced recovery time.
  4. Builds balanced body – giving you the right form and strengthening weak muscles.
  5. Fantastic for re-hab – getting you back into the game quickly.



Pilates for hockey players

Why Pilates is seriously good for your Hockey!

Improve Performance and Prevent Injuries

  1. Correct posture, build all over body strength, mobility and flexibility to give you additional power, precision and control.
  2. Learn core initiation and gain core conditioning to reduce injuries. Also Fantastic for re-hab, getting you back into the game quickly.
  3. Improve mind body connection to improve speed of movement, co ordination and change of direction.
  4. Gain greater endurance through focused breathing and interval training with reduced recovery time.
  5. Build a balanced body - strengthening the weak areas and muscles.


Pilates for equestrians

Pilates can improve your riding performance and partnership with your horse through a more elastic, deeper seat and increased flexibility and core strength. If you are having trouble giving clear commands, finding yourself unstable in the saddle or feeling sore and exhausted after riding, Pilates exercises can help.

Physical strength is also a key requisite for high performance in equestrians sports and developing core strength as well as long strong leg and arm muscles will create a more balanced, flexible and powerful rider, with a heightened sense of body awareness, who can work with their horse to improve performance results.

Horse riders may notice that muscles spasm involuntarily while riding, affecting the rider’s balance and position, which in turn affects the horse’s movement and responsiveness. Most of the time this goes unnoticed until an instructor points out the tension. What horse riders do when not in the saddle can also cause physical imbalances, for example too many hours at a desk, lack of other exercises, overuse of certain muscle groups, all impacts our equestrian performance.  Over time, riders normally develop asymmetries which impair movement and alignment, resulting in rounded shoulders, tight and curved lower backs and tight hamstrings.

Why is Pilates great for horse riders?

  • Create a stronger body with long strong muscles
  • More flexible and balanced for stabilised movement, a deeper seat, a supple back
  • Stronger core for more clarity of aids, correct form and less bouncing about
  • Strong lean limbs for controlled arms and legs, correct form and clear aids
  • A supple neutral pelvis that moves freely with the horse
  • More comfort riding and afterwards; less tiredness and pain
  • Less likely to impair the horse’s movement or affect their balance and physical wellbeing

Most importantly, the horse will be working with a rider who moves with purpose and supple control. They will receive clear direction and the rider’s physical flexibility and strength will support their movement. As a horse becomes more confident in their rider’s ability and finds it easier to do their work, they will enjoy themselves more and be able to perform to a higher standard.


Pilates for snow sports

Improve core strength, flexibility, balance, control and endurance

5 reasons Skiers and Snowboarders need Pilates

Power for the Powder

Having a strong core is the beginning of a great winter season. Pilates will train you to engage your core muscles correctly, so your skiing and snowboarding movements start from an effective base. In fact, core strength power is so central to the benefits of Pilates, you’ll see it’s a common theme behind many of the reasons Pilates is perfect for snow! Pilates is a full body workout and so is skiing or snowboarding so it's the perfect workout to get you mountain ready.

Strengthen your back

The lower back is often overused (and under trained) for skiers and snowboarders. Fatigue and poor core stabilization can cause the hip, pelvis, and lower spine to be thrown out of position, which causes undue strain and muscle imbalance. Pilates will help train your body to stabilize the pelvis and keep the spine in a neutral position to cope with the dynamic, ever-changing skiing and snowboarding stances. Expect increased energy and efficient movement making for a safer, less fatigued day on the slopes.

Carve up the Snow

By strengthening your legs, back, and core, you will be able to improve your edging as you transfer power and energy to your skis or board. Pilates offers focused and targeted exercise to intensify your leg power for increased confidence to safely lean into turns and create graceful moves on the snow!

Injury Prevention
Skiing and snowboarding are unique in the demands on moving your body from side to side as not many other sports require this repetitive motion to move forward. A poorly conditioned body or past muscular or skeletal injury can compromise these movements and put you at risk for injury. Pilates exercises will help increase strength and flexibility in the large muscle groups, such as the quads, but also train more subtle ligaments, fibers, and muscles in the knees and other vulnerable areas. In practicing Pilates, you will also learn focus that will help bring your body’s overall structure back into balance to avoid overstraining knees and hips or aid in helping you as you compensate your body and balance to prevent a fall. Pilates can help you create resilience against hurt or harm!

Improve your Form

As with any sport, you are looking to invest time and effort to not only stay safe but also improve your skills! Not many people take up an activity and hope to remain at the same ability level for long. Pilates can truly be a key to improving your skills because it offers comprehensive strength training coupled with improved balance, flexibility, and agility. Pilates will develop your body’s conditioning but the strength and focus gained will also build your confidence and help you to advance your skiing and snowboarding technique and coordination!