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Undeniable proof that Pilates is the perfect exercise for 2022

Undeniable proof that Pilates is the perfect exercise for 2022

It's a new world out there! And now, more than ever before, Pilates is the answer. Sound crazy? Hear us out - we've gathered our 10 top reasons to do Suna Pilates in 2022 and we want to share them with you!

Optimism and energy! We can all do with a good dose of looking on the bright side and feeling energised and positive - and that's exactly what the cardio boost of mindful exercise like our Pilates will do. Breathing and concentrating on excellent posture will boost your endorphins, create calm and bring you into the powerful state of being 'present'.

Did we say breathe? Yes, we sure did! Great breathing technique is a central element of our Pilates style exercises and delivers so many essential benefits to both body and mind. With active breathing you can accelerate detoxing, oxygenate your blood, build core strength, and accentuate your abs! Focusing on your breathing technique stills a busy mind and brings you into a mindful mental state, increasing calm and focus.

Strike a pose - with beautiful posture. Great posture is a core element of creating an exercise that is truly effective and delivers fitness results faster. Perform each exercise in our Pilates workouts with attention to your posture and you will 'feel the burn' in the right place, and reap the full benefits of your efforts, with longer leaner stronger muscles that you love to use. You'll also protect yourself from strain and injury, and you'll begin to see the effect of attention to posture in your daily life - standing well and using your body correctly instantly improves body functions, and creates an attractive look that turns heads.


We're smart, modern and accessible for everyone. Choose your workout style and location and get active. Choose from Reformer classes and Pilates Fit in the studio to Open Air Classes or workout at home with Online Pilates.

Want more attention? Grab a pack of Pilates Personal Training sessions and our expert trainers will ensure your Pilates form is perfect.

Our Pilates workouts are different! Over 20+ years we have refined and innovated to create our unique Pilates style fitness. Our workouts use HIIT and cardio to challenge your fitness, energise and burn fat as well as functional fitness movements which sculpt beautiful long, strong 'Pilates muscles'. 

We employ highly trained fully certified Pilates Instructors who teach every exercise in the correct posture, so your muscles work effectively and you see benefits sooner. On top of that, all our Suna Pilates Trainers get regular training sessions every week, and monthly focus training workshops to ensure they understand and can explain the benefits of every exercise you will do.

Get happy and ditch the anxiety. Exercise makes us happier, and it will work on you too. In this US study, 84% of people said that exercise levels were linked to their mood and anxiety levels. Find your emotional balance with regular Pilates workouts. Not only do we feel better about ourselves when we workout, we positively change our body's chemistry by boosting our endorphins.

Boost your immunity with Pilates workouts. Science knows that regular exercise improves our immune system strength, and reduces the risk of chronic disease. A healthy resilient body is always a great asset, and definitely worth a little sweat! Here are some extra tips for an immune boost.


Make daily life more fun. With regular Pilates you will find chores easier and move with less pain or discomfort. Pilates is great for preventing injury because our exercises are Functional Fitness movements that prepare your body for moving through life with ease. On top of that, Pilates is fantastic for rehabilitating back pain, knee pain or recovering from injuries

Look  hot and say goodbye to any extra weight! We love feeling good about our bodies - and feeling great IN our bodies - who doesn't? Pilates is a proven fitness modality for shedding excess weight, while creating long strong muscles and building core strength. The combination of cardio, high intensity interval training and strength training in Suna Pilates workouts is perfect for delivering a weight loss strategy that you will love to live with! Pilates will get you to a great healthy weight, when diets won't. Find out why.


Convinced? Grab a Suna Pilates Trial Pack now from $30 and try Suna for yourself. Feel free to ask us anything - we love questions and sharing knowledge!