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Experience Studio Pilates in Takapuna & Elevate Your Fitness

Welcome to Suna Pilates, your destination for transformative studio Pilates in Takapuna, nestled in the heart of Auckland's beautiful suburbs. Our commitment to fitness excellence spans over 20 years, with a unique blend of Pilates classes, expert instructors, and innovative training courses!

Teaching Pilates in Takapuna for 20+ years

Suna Pilates Studio + Instructor Training

Takapuna pilates studio

Reformer & Pilates Fit Studio Classes

Pilates Instructor Training

Our reputation for quality Pilates and great Pilates Instructors led us to create Training Courses for independent trainers who want to run Pilates classes or add to their skill set. Anyone can take our Pilates Instructor classes - we want to spread the Suna love of helping people as far as we can.


Become a Pilates Instructor

Discover the Suna difference

We employ highly trained Instructors who teach every exercise in the correct posture so your muscles work effectively and you see benefits sooner. Our breathing technique engages your abs in every exercise to create a strong core and boost your cardio fitness. We bring knowledge developed through 20+ years of refining our unique Pilates style fitness to every workout. Our workouts use HIIT and cardio to challenge your fitness, energise and burn fat as well as sculpting long, strong Pilates style muscles.


  • "Suna Pilates has been the best decision I have ever made for my fitness. I do the Reformer classes and love it! Classes are small and the trainers are all very skilled and knowledgeable you feel like you have a personal trainer. Exercises are constantly changing so there is no time to get bored. The changes in my body have been fantastic. My core is so much stronger, my stomach tighter and my legs more toned. The staff are all friendly and very helpful, it's a great environment to be training in. Pilates is something I recommend for any person it is so worthwhile giving it a go."


  • "Suna Pilates is the only form of exercise that I have done that I enjoy. Not only do I know I’ve got a good work out, but I go home feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is very unusual with my job. Because I enjoy it and I am getting results and twice a week has been really easy to work into my life, before I just made excuses!"


  • "I just would like to say ditch the gym and go for Suna Pilates! I obtained a flat tummy for the first time in my life. Staff are well trained and extremely friendly, and the classes are varied all the time. I have a good time there."


Pilates Studio Takapuna

1 Barrys Point Road,

Takapuna, Auckland

Free Parking on site.

Over 100 classes a week
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