Discover life-changing fitness with our unique combination of low and high intensity Pilates-based classes and holistic wellness! Prioritise your wellbeing and enjoy a stronger, more vibrant, energised and balanced you. You’ll feel incredible, look fantastic, and live well longer and stronger.

Our exercise is so much more than Pilates. We’ve evolved Pilates to deliver faster, whole body fitness transformations. With a blend of interval training, Pilates postural principals and functional fitness we’ll help you create a stronger, leaner body that not only looks good but feels amazing and ages well. Suna is specially designed to be a highly effective mindful exercise, so you’ll leave sessions feeling refreshed and energised, not exhausted. Work the body Free the mind!

Suna Pilates Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

“I realise how important it is to maintain that physical strength, flexibility and agility. I want to say a really big thank you to Suna Pilates for helping me get there.”
Nerida Cortese, Dancer

Suna Pilates Pilates Bootcamp
SunaExpress Abs Bums n' Tums

SunaExpress pilates classes are 30 minute long hard-out, high-energy interval training equipment based classes. 3 sessions a week. $17.50 per week or $99 for 10 sessions.

Pilates Instructor Training

Take your pilates training to the next level - master the principles or learn how to teach your own classes. We offer regular courses so you can become a qualified instructor.

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Buy pilates mats, swiss balls, flexibands and online workouts so you can take Suna Pilates home with you! We also stock vitamins, supplements and lovely homewares and gift vouchers.