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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers say about Suna Pilates!

Caitlin Ryan - Olympic Rower

“I have had a lot of injuries in the past but Suna Pilates has helped with stability and injury prevention. For me functional fitness is crucial and I feel the trainers at Suna have catered to my needs well. I believe Suna has helped me to become a better athlete, both mentally and physically!”


Kirsten Taylor - Director, SleepDrops


I run a busy company and am a single Mum but one thing that was missing from my life was the ability to exercise – I was so lucky I came across Suna Pilates as they have all different classes/times available so I can do a 30 minutes session with some interval training… it’s a fantastic way to start the day with a huge energy boost and I can totally tell the difference between the days that I do it and the days that I don’t!

Nerida Cortese - Professional Dancer

“I realise how important it is to maintain that physical strength, flexibility and agility. I want to say a really big thank you to Suna Pilates for helping me get there.” 


Claire Chitham - Actress

Find out why Claire Chitham is missing Suna Pilates.


Leighton Smith & Carolyn Leaney

Have a listen to find out why Leighton and Carolyn can't be without Suna Pilates.

We absolutely love coming here! We love Susie and all the team at Suna Pilates.  They just feel like our family, and we can't conceive of not coming to Suna anymore. Each time we come in to the studio tired, and walk out refreshed. We absolutely love Suna Pilates!”  


Tanja Bandzova - Photographer

"I fell in love with Suna Pilates when I joined over 12 years ago and I love it just the same today. I originally went with lower back pain, hoping that strengthening my core and improving my posture would help. It sure did! But not only that, I absolutely love the exercises, the variety, the constant progression and the always pleasant and dedicated team of instructors. Beside being effective in strengthening and toning, it also helps me to switch off the mind chatter through focusing on the movements that are matched to the breathing, like a meditation. Pilates is my body / mind / soul goto!"

March 2017


Carly Flynn - Journalist & TV Presenter

"I was pretty run down reading the late night news on Nightline and having trouble relaxing and switching off. Sleep was just not happening and my appetite was waning. I was running myself a big ragged at both ends of the day... and then I met Susie. Super Pilates instructor and holistic healer. She is one awesome lady - and my go-to for so many things these days - for all the family.

Not just a pilates studio, Suna is a lifestyle really, where the trainers care about your overall wellbeing. And can fix - I reckon - anything!!"

May 2014


Brad Smeele - Professional Wakeboarder

"As a professional athlete it is extremely important for me to keep my body strong and balanced so that I am able to perform at my best. Suna Pilates has been the best workout I have found for conditioning my body, especially my core and joint stabilizing muscles which are vital for preventing injury. Unfortunately in wakeboarding injuries are nearly impossible to avoid. But any time I have had to rehabilitate an injury, the crew at Suna Pilates are amazing at targeting the muscle groups that will get me back from injury and back on the water."

Learn more about Brad here. March 2014


Judy Bailey - Journalist & TV Presenter

"I’d done Pilates before, but it was nothing like this. Suna Pilates is amazing and I am seeing real results - I feel great. I do Suna Pilates twice a week. It has just become part of my regular schedule, and if for any reason I miss it, I can really feel it!" 

See Judy's profile here. January 2012


Wendyl Nissen - Journalist & Author

"My first impression of Suna Pilates was that I was getting a really good massage from the inside with my trainer gently manipulating me into it. I felt very stretched and well at the end of my first few sessions.

A few weeks later I have discovered stomach muscles I wish I had known about when I had my babies. I am sitting up straighter and tucking my stomach in without even realizing it and at the end of a days writing I no longer have the sore shoulders and lower back that I had come to expect over the years.

Oh, and my sessions no longer feel like a massage from the inside. I work so hard that more muscles than I knew existed keep re-introducing themselves. But it never feels like the full on, stressful, and sweaty work out that I have come to associate with gym sessions and the atmosphere is always peaceful and relaxing. I look forward to each session and always feel better when I leave."

Follow Wendyl on Facebook here. April 2009


Kees Meeuws - Former Professional Rugby Player & All Black

"I was a professional rugby player and my performance depended on the condition of my body. Training with Susie Cleland at the Suna Pilates has helped me maintain a high level of fitness and performance. I utilise Pilates for both Pre-hab and re-habilitation, and I am convinced that my level of injuries was reduced due to the work that I have done with Suna Pilates in building my core strength and stability. Pilates helped me fix a persistent lower back injury by dramatically increasing my lower abdominal strength. My all round stability improved as I learnt to initiate from my abs. The result was that I could play week in and week out with out experiencing the dehabilitating back pain that I used to."

See Kees modelling photos here


Juanita Meeuws - Nurse & Model

"My first pregnancy was hard, so before trying for my second baby I was determined to get myself into shape. My husband had been doing Suna Pilates as part of his training leading up to his All Black campaigns and encouraged me to give it a go.

As soon as I started I loved it. My body immediately felt better. My posture improved amazingly and that helped me get rid of my neck and back tension. I did Suna Pilates all through my second pregnancy and had a much healthier pregnancy, with more energy." 

See Juanita's modelling photos here. March 2012



"After just six pilates sessions at Suna my injured knee is stronger, and I can feel the improvement in my fitness level. I’ve reduced the time to mow our huge lawns by 25% - Suna sure gets you moving!." 

April 2016


Rachel Shaw

"I have really loved attending pilates classes here, and am sad to be leaving - it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to find somewhere new to match the experience I had at Suna Pilates!

Great workouts, great trainers, and I lost about 8kg during the year I was a member." 

April 2014


Jenny Trolove

"Hi, just a note of thanks for the most excellent SunaFit classes – my trainer is so very onto it. She leads a darn good workout; very clear instructions and well in time so that you know how to position yourself for the next exercise as soon as you’re rolling out of the last one; she gives excellent personal care and adjustment to every person so that you feel really safe because you know that if you’re doing an exercise wrongly without that intention, she will put you gently right. …and due to all of this, the class is up before you know it! So please give her a big congrats on her excellent work performance. Thanks heaps!" 

Nov 2013


Steve Granger

"Just had another one on one session today and am really feeling the benefits already. I have taken no pain killers for over a week which for me is “huge”. I am so pleased to have eventually opened the door to doing something positive towards better posture and pain relief." 

Oct 2013


Sue Collins - Administration Manager

"I have been to a number of pilates studios and enjoyed my experiences with them, but I was blown away with my "Suna" pilates experience. As soon as I stepped in the door you know you are getting a different experience. The premises are wonderful, with really well thought out spaces – so you never feel claustrophobic. The trainers are all without exception real professionals. I was always a little nervous using different trainers, because you are unsure whether they are going to give you as great a work out as the one before them. Not a problem at Suna Pilates. I have now had about 6 different trainers, and they are all fantastic and really 'know their stuff', and more importantly give the impression that they all love what they do, which is infectious. My pilates has improved in leaps and bounds since joining them, and I cannot rate them highly enough." 

February 2013


Susan Boyle

"My daughter Georgia was 14 when she first started doing Suna Pilates. I was concerned that her body was becoming unbalanced because of all of the competitive gymnastics she was doing and this was causing back problems.

In a very short time Suna Pilates built her core strength and taught her core initiation, putting an end to her back problems and teaching her how to use her body properly. Not only has the back pain gone, but she is also doing much better in competitions. She loves Suna!" 

November 2011


Jan Cole - Accountant

"I started at Suna four years ago when I was 62 and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that not only has it changed my body, but it has changed my life. I suffered from both Osteoporosis and arthritis. Pain was the norm for me and even walking some days was difficult. The doctors recommended exercise, but I hadn’t found any that I could do until I started Suna Pilates.

Four years on I am stronger, straighter and pain free. Pilates has given me a new lease of life, so much so that I want to help other people like me and I have trained to be a trainer and am going to focus on older people with the same types of problems that I had." 

June 2011


Sarah Davis - Marketing Manager

"I have always hated exercise, but know that I need to do it to keep my weight in check. I joined many gyms in the past but never felt comfortable in them and have never used them, ending my membership as soon as I could.

Suna Pilates is the only form of exercise that I have done that I enjoy. Not only do I know I’ve got a good work out, but I go home feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is very unusual with my job. Because I enjoy it and I am getting results and twice a week has been really easy to work into my life, before I just made excuses!" 

September 2008