Suna Pilates Postural Principles

Exercising in the right posture is the key to making exercise effective and getting the results you want. 

The postural principals that are core to a Suna Pilates workout can seem a little overwhelming in the beginning. Hang in there! It’s amazing how fast you get used to it - and it’s so important because great posture in Pilates gives you an amazing cardio workout, as well as making your abs work harder.

The Suna Pilates Postural Principles

Here are some tips you can use every day:

  • When walking think 'pubic bone to belly button' to activate your core.
  • When sitting at your desk imagine you are a puppet and have a string pulling from the top of your head to the ceiling.
  • When driving sit up straight and make sure you shuffle your butt right to the back of your seat to support your pelvis.

     Four free posture videos from Suna Pilates