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Mat Pilates Level 2 - Pilates Instructor Training

  • $600.00

Mat Pilates Level 2 Instructor Course by Suna Pilates

Our globally recognised Pilates Instructor Training Qualifications begin with Mat Pilates Essentials Level 1. Once you have completed Level 1, you can move on to Level 2.

Level 2 not only gives you another 30 exercises to add to your repertoire, but you learn how to incorporate interval training into Pilates which is a great way to strengthen the heart, incorporate more cardio and make it more interesting. 

You can attend this course in our Auckland studio or online via Zoom training. If you have questions about this Pilates Instructor Training course, please email us or call 09 489 1978

With a Pilates Mat Qualification you can:

  • Get employment in a Pilates studio (maybe even at Suna!)
  • Use a Pilates qualification recognised globally - take your skills with you 
  • Create your own Pilates mat classes and a timetable that works for your lifestyle, teach Pilates one on one at home, or offer larger classes 
  • Work as many or as few hours as you want, with total flexibility
  • If you are a health professional, this knowledge will help you support your clients with injury prevention, rehab, strengthening specific muscle groups and better body awareness.

Learning modules and outcomes in this Pilates Instructor Training course:

  1. Pilates Understand what Pilates is and comprehensively explain it to others
  2. Suna Approach - Teach using the correct verbal formula, understand correct client sequencing and apply core initiation
  3. Mat Level 2 Exercises - Understand theoretically and physically the essential Pilates Mat Level 2 repertoire
  4. Application of exercises to correct postureUnderstand and apply the principles to the exercises safely
  5. Interval Training Understand how to incorporate interval training into Pilates
  6. Session Construction - Understand how to construct and run a balanced, flowing mat session for individuals and groups
  7. Teaching Practices  - Understand and apply the key points that will make you a standout instructor

Things to know

See why people choose Pilates Instructor Training with Suna Pilates, and view our course timetable here. Please email us or call 09 489 1978 to book your place now.

Course times: Upon request: Saturdays 9am - 3pm or weekdays

Multi-Course Discount 

Purchase Mat Level 1 and Mat Level 2 together and save!

Optional Extras with your Mat Pilates Course

Get one week of Suna Pilates workouts FREE.  These classes may be attended either before or after your course..

Pilates equipment can be purchased during your course at a 15% discount.

Graduates will have the option to purchase 10 pre-made Pilates Mat session plans. This means you can be ready to start running Suna-style Pilates classes or using Pilates in personal training sessions right away, and realise a return on your investment in your professional skill set. 

Gain an internationally recognised Pilates Instructor Qualification

Our Pilates Instructor Certification Programme is widely recognised and our trainers are teaching all around the world.  With Pilates, demonstrable experience and skill is more important than a piece of paper to show that you can deliver Pilates classes to a level that challenges people of all abilities and fitness levels safely. Our experience is that people who complete this Pilates Instructor course with us only need to demonstrate what they can do to prospective employers to be offered jobs anywhere in the world.

Ready to become a qualified instructor? Check out our Pilates teacher training today!

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