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Our top immune system boosters

Our top immune system boosters

Now more than ever it's important to focus on your wellbeing. Here are our favourite tips to help you enjoy good health and boost your immunity - the best way to fight a virus is to not get it!

A strong immune system is an incredibly powerful defence, and by boosting your own immune system, you also help protect our grandparents and immunocompromised friends who may be more vulnerable.

Wash your hands - Wash your hands using the proper method before eating and when coming home.

Eat Well - Broths, green apples, carrots, oregano and garlic are all anti-viral. Avoid processed foods if possible.

Stay hydrated and drink good quality water - being hydrated helps flush virions out of the body through the detox process.

Rest – Get a good night's sleep, and indulge in relaxation. We repair our bodies while we rest, so make sure you are getting enough.

Blocking Block every night to ensure that you are in parasympathetic dominance so you can rest and repair properly while you sleep.

Book Kinesiology - We are doing special immunity boost sessions, just $25 for members.

Fresh Air - Keep your house well ventilated, and open windows, doors where you can.

Exercise - Keep it up, moving is great for our immune systems.

Baking soda - Great for alkalising your body and helping to ward off viruses. Take a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda, a squeeze of lemon and a shot of water morning and night. It doesn't taste good, but is very effective.

Sun Light - Get in it, and look into it.

Supplements - Take a probiotic, take kawakawa tablets, increase your vitamin C. Mushroom tincture and/or Echinacea and Honey will boost your immune system. We can muscle test to see which vitamins you need and that your body can use.

Limit large social gatherings - The government has set this limit at 100 people. Even if we boost our immune systems we all need to be very vigilant - especially to protect the elderly, and avoid transmission to those who are already immunocompromised in our communities. 

Stay calm

Do whatever you must to restore your nervous system to relaxation response, where your immune system can function optimally to fight off viruses and get you well in case you get sick - blocks are great for this, as is mediation if you are into it.

Here is another article on proven immune system boosters.

Where possible don’t buy into the fear. It's understandable to be concerned, but don't give in to panic. Instead, focus on taking proactive steps to boost and bolster your immune system.  

Lastly … Breathe … we got this!

If you have any questions about these tips, just ask us.


Susie and the Suna Team