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Facebook Live Videos with Susie at Suna Pilates

Facebook Live Videos with Susie at Suna Pilates

Everyone is welcome to join our Facebook Live series with Susie - At Suna we are passionate about helping people live their best life and enjoy whole body wellbeing!

View our series here.

Everyone is welcome to join our Facebook Live series with Susie - At Suna we are passionate about helping people live their best life and enjoy whole body wellbeing!

Facebook Live - Great posture is the foundation for results

At Suna Pilates + Wellbeing we are really focused on posture and exercising in the correct posture. Here's why:


Facebook Live - How habits & beliefs shape wellbeing

The deep underlying beliefs you hold about the world, often subconscious, are incredibly powerful. Your life experience creates the lens you see the world through, and your underlying beliefs are the filters of that lens. 

Beliefs are programmed into us by your upbringing, our experiences and social 'norms' - and these beliefs can solidify and become habits - and habits of thought - that colour everything you see, feel and do. Changing mental and  physical habits and confronting your wellbeing beliefs can set you truly free from the limitations you have placed on yourself!


Facebook Live: Immunity through mental & physical wellbeing 

Susie shares ways to stay well, fit and calm while we are at home. 


Facebook Live: What exercise works, and why!

Find out what exercise works - and WHY it works - get insights that will help you hit your goals. Susie explains why sometimes you can exercise your heart out and not see any result for all your efforts.. Find out what makes Functional Fitness so effective. What is HIIT and why is it such a hot trend? 
Why are we so obsessed with correct Posture in exercise? 
What can Pilates offer you, and why is Suna Pilates more Fitness Focused than traditional classes?


Facebook Live: Self care for a better, richer life! 

"You can't pour from an empty cup!" We believe that you need to take care of yourself before you can help others - and that if you give yourself the nurturing you need, all your loved ones will benefit too!

"Make yourself a priority once in a while. It's not selfish. It's necessary."

The biggest learning that Susie has gained during twenty years in the wellbeing area is that we are just not taught to look after ourselves enough, or encouraged to place any priority on our own wellbeing.

Personal experience of juggling a family and a business, plus experience with clients (one-on-one and in groups) has shown Susie the importance of looking after yourself; in order to be able to look after others.

Everyone's lives seem to be getting busier and busier ... mums and dads are juggling careers, kids, finances - and there seems to be no time for anything else.

Often people say they are not stressed, when all the indications (both physically and mentally) are that they are highly stressed... feeling overwhelmed with life, feeling alone, feeling they are always busy with no down time at all.

Why is there a stigma around being vulnerable, admitting we are stressed and prioritising me-time and down-time? Why do we ignore the signs of burn out and carry on pushing ourselves to do the same old things? We feel we need to 'tough it out' or 'push through the pain and exhaustion" rather than looking for an alternative.

We recognise if the revs on our car are in the red zone for too long that our engine may explode - our bodies are the same, but we seem unable or unwilling to accept this and just keep the pedal to the metal!

If you want a fun, happy life with family, a good relationship with your partner and an enjoyable and fulfilling career, the changes have to start with you taking responsibility for making change.

Legitimately the only way to change the world is to change yourself, and provide a good example of looking after yourself to your kids. Children don't listen to what we say they listen to what we do. So if you want your kids to care for themselves, then show them you care for yourself.

Give yourself a break! If you are well and happy, every single person you come into contact with will be better!


Facebook Live: Why Diets Don't Work - And What Does!

 Weight loss is never a one-size fits all game. Every body is different, and every one of us has different reasons for holding on to excess weight. Watch Susie to understand our survival triggers, emotional and psychological triggers, and physical triggers that control effective weight loss!

At Suna we love healthy bodies and we know that often the reasons for retaining excess weight include less obvious reasons like sitting too much, impaired adrenal function, psychological and emotional levers (stress, comfort, not wanting to 'miss out' on treats).

Many methods of dieting and weight loss can end up making people sick and fat in the long run. Traumatising the body with too much exercise and too little food may get short term weight loss results but mid to long term causes damage.

So, why aren't you able to lose weight? Why do you want to lose weight? Why are you gaining weight?

Weight isn't generally about how much you work out or how much you eat. If your body is holding on to excess weight, or gaining more weight than you'd like, we'd love to take a look at the main reasons why your body thinks it needs to "hold on"!


Facebook Live: How to help your body cope with sitting too much

Susie shares about the damage that sitting too much can do, and tips and exercises to help your body cope with these issues. Susie shares insights on why sitting for hours at a time isn’t good for our bodies, and the physical impact prolonged sitting has.

There ARE simple lifestyle changes you can implement! Susie shares some of these as well as explaining how you can repair the damage that sitting has caused in your body. We are passionate about helping YOU build (and take care of) a more functional, pain-free body.


Facebook Live: The causes of back pain

Susie explains the causes of back pain, ways to improve your back health, tips and exercises to strengthen your back and reduce back issues. Get ideas on how you can enjoy greater back health and wellbeing. 


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