Reinventing Pilates Online

Our Pilates style training has been developed and refined over twenty years to provide whole-body workouts with a focus on breath and posture for truly effective exercise. The central hub of Suna has been our Pilates studio in Takapuna.... but now we've got clients around the world!

A  global pandemic can change everything

The Suna team all worked extremely hard ahead of lockdown creating pre-recorded online workouts, so we were able to keep giving our brilliant Suna members their fitness and wellbeing boost at home. In particular our Pilates Instructors did far more than their fair share of filmed online workouts in the time we had available! Thanks so much, you incredible people.

Changing a huge challenge into an inspiration for diversification, Suna now offer memberships, personal training and instructor training courses online, globally!

Online Pilates for fitness and wellbeing, anywhere

Get your Suna fix and do Pilates classes anytime, wherever you need to be. Workout whenever is best for your body, your location and your lifestyle.

Pilates On Demand 

Our new online membership plan means you can get your Suna anywhere in the world, and workout when it suits you. Enjoy three new workouts every week for just $15/wk.

Workout Videos Online

Choose a new online workout video from our range whenever you want a fresh fitness boost! Just $15 each, these videos target different exercise goals and can be used as many times as you want. 

Personal Training Online

Get the full benefit of one on one Pilates instruction via virtual PT sessions with a skilled Suna Pilates Instructor. Focus on your personal rehab, fitness and strength goals with individual training, wherever you are. 

Wellbeing Programmes Online

With Metabolic Typing videos and Online Nutrition Coaching you can learn to give your body the right fuel at the right time and ensure that you have the right types of nutrition to feel fantastic and stay healthy.

Online Pilates Instructor Training Courses

With twenty years of developing the unique Pilates style Suna workouts, we've trained hundreds of trainers to lead Suna-style Pilates classes. Our graduates work all over the world - and now you can train from anywhere in the world too with our virtual Pilates Instructor courses. Equip yourself with a globally recognised certification, proven methods and priceless insights.

We're so glad that now we can offer the Suna experience to everyone, online.

  • When clients have moved cities or overseas, they so often wrote to say how they missed the Suna workouts; which are now available for them to access! 
  • We've never been able to offer our Certification to people who couldn't travel to our Auckland Pilates Studio; now we can train fitness professionals, health professionals, and wellbeing enthusiasts anywhere around the world.
  • Students and young parents sometimes reluctantly decide that the $18.50 cost of a weekly membership is not in the budget - now they can download each new workout for $15 rather than committing to a weekly cost.


Our goal at Suna is to create well humans - and our shift to online Pilates means we can reach out to so many more people to offer the many benefits of our unique workouts. We hope you enjoy Suna, wherever you live!