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How Suna Pilates can help you resolve low back pain, permanently!

How Suna Pilates can help you resolve low back pain, permanently!

Are you living with back pain, have tried everything and it just won’t go away? It might not be “an injury” that is causing it. It could be functional, postural, nutritional or stress related … or any combination of those things! Susie explains that by understanding the cause is key to success in fixing the issue.

Are you living with back pain, have tried everything and it just won’t go away? 

At Suna Pilates we get a lot of new clients tell us that they have bad lower back pain and need help. It might not be an injury that is causing your back pain.

Back pain can be postural, nutritional or stress related… or any combination of those things! Our Master Trainer, Susie, explains that understanding the cause is key to success in fixing any back pain issues.  

Lower back pain can be caused by your habitual posture

One of the most common causes of back pain is poor posture. 

How you sit at your desk, and in your car. How you walk down stairs, pick up children or carry heavy items. How you move when you run.

And sometimes the crucial muscles for great posture simply aren't working as they should. (We can find out, and often correct this, with kinesiology). 

Gut health can affect our back health

Core strength relies on strong abdominal, oblique and back muscles working in tandem. However, if you have inflammation in the gut, the gut wall doesn't function correctly, which means it is really hard to get our abdominal muscles working. 

So eating the wrong foods for your body's needs can lead to a break down in your core strength, and lead to back pain. 

Being stressed can cause back pain

Stress... what doesn't it impact?? When we are in a state of stress or anxiety, our bodies manufacture cortisol, the stress hormone; and adrenaline. These chemicals are dealt with by our kidneys... which are in our lower back. When our kidneys are required to perform at a higher rate than normal, to remove extra toxins from the bloodstream, they 'recruit' the lower back muscles which tilts the pelvis forward, shortening the lower back and impacting our posture.

Is your back pain from an injury or surgery recovery?

We absolutely love supporting our clients through rehabilitation to wellness. From Personal Training Pilates sessions to Suna Physical Therapy with a European trained physio, we have highly trained, very experienced Pilates Instructors who specialise in injury rehabilitation. 

Pilates is great for supporting back health

We know that regular Pilates can help your posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieving mental and physical stress and tension.

Critically important for great back health is the fact that our Pilates workouts are designed to help you steadily build up strength in your core stabilising muscles - which helps to protect your back health and protect your spine from further injury. 

Pilates helps create healthy backs in a number of complementary ways. Performed with great posture and guidance from a trained Pilates Instructor, Pilates workouts:

  • build core muscle strength
  • improve spine stability and mobilisation /flexibility
  • identify and correct movement dysfunction and localised weaknesses or muscles that are not working correctly
  • strengthen balance and create better posture habits
  • target related areas like shoulders, neck, abdominals, obliques and hips
  • have the additional benefits of toning, weight loss, flexibility and relaxation, contributing to better whole body and mind health.

If you can't get to our Pilates Studio in Takapuna, our online Pilates On Demand library is full or targeted Pilates workouts that can help you build a healthier back wherever you are, by working out at home whenever suits you.


Let's talk about your back pain and find out what the causes are

We're here to help! Back pain isn't always really hard to resolve.

The key is finding out what is causing your back pain and working through the process of eliminating or reducing that cause. 

Then we can work with you to build your back health and improve your overall posture to create a strong, well body which is pain free.


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