Summer's here - Time to get moving and use your body November 23 2017

Train stronger; live longer! 

Summer is time to build your physical strength and make the most of your vitality! With fantastic nutrient dense foods in season and longer sunnier days, our bodies are set up to make the most of the summer season. Our Pilates classes this season are designed to maximise functional fitness using squats, push and pull movements. When you learn to perform them correctly you will limit wear and tear and stabilise your hormones, while building strength and mobility in the right places - freeing up more energy for you! Summer is the season to do as much as you can - and enjoy looking and feeling amazing.


Motivation for summer Pilates workouts

Everything feels difficult before it feels easy, and it can be hard to commit to the idea of working out often across summer. There is just so much to do from end of year madness at work, to Christmas shopping, or even blissful holiday time at the beach! How do you make a commitment to yourself to stay fit and focused?

The answer may actually be to give yourself a break and stop thinking that you need to do 100% or give up! One Pilates class a week may not be your usual three workouts; but it's 100% better than no workout!

Change can take longer than you think; but you can get better at absolutely everything with practice. Appreciate your incremental gains instead of always looking at the end-goal. Remember, it takes 12-21 days/repetitions to change a habit.

"If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it."

To change your body (lose weight, get stronger, rehabilitate an injury, improve posture, feel better, etc) you need to make change. The more challenging your changes are, the faster you will see change happening in your body. Making change is all about getting out of your comfort zone! Expect to feel that it's difficult.

Training the RIGHT way is harder. It means always working in your correct posture, strengthening your weaker areas - and making every movement good.


Learn it, earn it, own it!

Each month in our Suna Pilates classes we work through a process of evolution, introducing new exercises, improving posture and stability, and building the intensity of the exercises! 

Week 1 - Learn it

We talk about what we are doing, where to feel it, and why we are doing it.

Week 2 - Earn it; Stability

We focus on stabilising the movements.

Week 3 - Earn it; Strength

We focus on strengthening the muscles we need to use.

Week 4 - Own it!

Do better, and more! We challenge your coordination, strength, stability and mobility.


Celebrate your health and physical fitness

Change the way you speak and think about your body to change your body. See Susie's Six Strategies for Self-Love. At Suna Pilates, exercise is designed to be a celebration of what your body can do!