Susie explains why some people think Pilates is easy - when it's not. November 14 2017

Once in a while we have a new client try a Pilates class and say they found it too easy. By the second or third class, for some reason, they aren't finding it such a breeze to do Suna Pilates. The exercises are the same, the Pilates instructor is giving the same direction, but suddenly they realise that their limbs are shaking, and walking down the stairs afterwards is a physical challenge.

So what has changed? 

Suna Pilates is about doing it right; not just going through the motions

Susie knows that many people want to 'feel their body hurt' because they equate muscle pain, soreness and sweating to having achieved something good. They believe that the pain means they will be better somehow because they'll be thinner, or better looking, or more accepted... but she believes that this approach leaves people in the exact place they are now, and quite likely, dealing with injuries. 

"If you want to go through the motions, go somewhere else. Go and run without fixing your posture, do the same exercises the way you always have - but doing the same old thing will get you the same old results.

I see people run until they hurt their achilles, and then they go to the gym until they hurt their back, and have enough neck tension that they find they can’t do anything else. Then they try crossfit because it is something different, and then they hurt themselves again. 

And then they come to Pilates and say it’s too easy.

Ummmm no, it might feel easy to do it using incorrect posture, but a lot of beginners can't even hold the correct posture walking. They are just not ready for the serious exercises, regardless of how fit and strong they think they are. That’s like saying, “Oh, my five year old started Math, let’s put him in a third year quantum physics lecture; he will do really good in there”. No he won’t. You need to start at the start, and take one step at a time."

It’s all about getting the Pilates principles right

So instead of leaping into the deep end, what we do at Suna Pilates is start you off with smaller movements and ensure that you get that movement 100% right. Susie explains:

"If the Pilates class is doing a lunge, I want to make sure that as you step, your feet are in the right place, your knee tracking is correct and your pelvis is stable throughout, your spine is stable with no tension, chest open shoulders down.

Once I can see you do that, I’m going to say you need to go lower, then you will go lower which will challenge your stability; but you will get that as well. And then, when you are going really low, I’m going to go 'hey, we are going to jump into our lunges' - and you are going to be sweating like a pig, but you will be doing jumping lunges, and I’ll be saying 'yeah but your pelvis isn’t still, hold it stiller, breathe louder', and then eventually you have mastered jumping lunges.

Then once you understand that, I can get you laying on the ground breathing, and I can get you sweating just by laying there… once you are doing it properly."

Come and experience how understanding the Postural Principals changes exercise forever.