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How many Suna Pilates workouts per week is perfect?

How many Suna Pilates workouts per week is perfect?

Joseph Pilates said "in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, and in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference" and this can definitely be true. First of all you’ll feel the difference in your body. It makes such a difference to your physical strength and flexibility when you become aware of what correct posture means for you - and how exercising in the right posture.

How often do I need to do a Suna Pilates class to see physical changes?

We believe that even doing one Pilates class every week will be beneficial in terms of building muscle memory and strength around a correct posture for you, and locking in the postural principles. Even one Pilates workout at Suna should result in visible physical changes. Doing a Suna Pilates class twice a week will deliver physical and cardio results quicker.

We believe that doing 2-3 Suna Pilates classes a week is optimal.

Joseph Pilates said "in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, and in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference" and this can definitely be true. First of all you’ll feel the difference in your body. It makes such a difference to your physical strength and flexibility when you become aware of what correct posture means for you - and how exercising in the right posture (for Pilates; and for any other physical exercise you do).

Once you feel the difference you will start to see the difference too, and this is the key to sustainable change in your fitness and health levels.

"I was a runner who kept getting injured and also just wasn’t feeling or seeing any fitness gains from running. I did a 3 week trial at Suna Pilates, and couldn’t believe the results. I’d never thought about posture before, but as soon as I became aware of how I needed to change my posture, I started to get results. I lost 3kgs in the first three weeks of doing Suna Pilates – and I had changed absolutely nothing else. It was amazing." - Racheal, 45


Is it ideal to do a Pilates class every day?

No - we don’t recommend that you do a workout every day – especially if you are feeling the effects of your last Pilates workout. You really need to listen to your body in terms of how many times a week you should come. Remember that giving your body time to rest and repair is just as important as exercise - the two processes work together to build muscle mass, flexibility and strength.

Focus on posture and challenging yourself - rather than just doing more classes.

Concentrated effort and perfect posture can change your body faster than simply doing more Pilates workouts. 

With Pilates it is totally true that what you put in you get out. No effort means no results. Pilates workouts are designed to deliver targeted, refined exertion - so focus on your posture and intensity.

Our Pilates trainers are there to direct and correct your posture so you get the most out of each exercise, but it's up to you to challenge yourself to get the most out of each workout! If your trainer suggests harder variations on exercises, they think you are ready - give them a go.


Do I need to eat differently to see results from my Pilates workouts faster?

Exercise is vital in achieving health and fitness goals - but It’s unlikely that exercise alone will enable you to achieve everything you want. Eating correctly for your body type is essential to achieving long term and sustainable health and fitness goals.

Once you understand what Metabolic Type you are, we can help you understand what types of foods, in what balance, best suit your body - and we can establish some nutritional guidelines for you. For us it's not about 'what you can’t eat' - this is an opportunity to make more informed nutrition decisions, that will lead to long term health benefits, and affect your body shape and fitness goals. We can explain what are good nutrition choices for your Metabolic Type, and how to balance your food intake for better health - and to lose any excess weight.


What else do I need to do to get the most out of Pilates?

Create new habits around exercise and eating that suit your body best. They say that doing a new thing 12 times creates a new habit so book your first month's Pilates classes now and do a shop for your new nutritional plan!

We have over 100 Pilates classes per week - so find the time-slots that fit your lifestyle best, to make them easy to schedule - and plan your workouts ahead of time. If they are in your calendar they will happen and you will have time.

Talk to us about your fitness goals vs our Pilates class types and make sure you choose the right Pilates membership pack for you – they start from just $17.50 per week!

Encourage a friend to join, as workouts are always more fun with friends, and you can challenge each other to push yourselves, and make sure you turn up!

Ask us if you have any questions! W really are here to help.


If I don’t see fast changes - what then?

Talk to us! We are here to help you get the most out of Suna Pilates and your body. Have a chat with our team and we'll figure out what’s going on, and what’s not working – it may be postural, nutritional or you may have a physical/functional issue.

We can also use Kinesiology to work out what’s not functioning optimally, and fix it. You'll be amazed to see what people have said on our testimonials page about how Kinesiology has changed things for them!


Most of all - have fun discovering what your wonderful body is capable of!