Pilates Classes in Takapuna - Suna Pilates North Shore

Pilates is for everyone, and regardless of your fitness level, age and goals, we have got the right Pilates class for you. If you want a great Pilates workout building strength, tone, and functional fitness, if you want to work hard but workout right, want to make meaningful and sustainable change, want to be well, live well and age well free from injury, want to listen to your body and to focus on how you feel, not just simply how you look, you’ve come to the right place for amazing results. De-stress and re-energise with Pilates - and enjoy feeling mentally and physically fantastic. 

Our Pilates studio is in Takapuna on the North Shore. We are just 10 minutes from central Auckland, with lots of car parking, which means that many Auckland commuters can pop in at lunch time or on their way to or from work. Our different Pilates classes are all equipment-based for maximum effectiveness and fully supervised and directed by an experienced Suna Pilates trainer  to direct and correct you through every exercise for maximum and fast results. We believe that exercising in the right posture is the key to effective exercise that delivers the results you want - and that’s why the quality of our trainers makes all the difference. 

Experience Suna Pilates with a special Trial Pack

Save with a Suna Pilates Membership - or buy casual passes

With our great Suna membership plans and 100+ Pilates classes each week, it’s easy to fit our 30 or 45 minute Pilates sessions into your busy life - and a Suna Membership means you save on each Pilates class - and you can do as many as you like each week. Check out our different Pilates classes to see which Pilates membership will work best for your goals and lifestyle!

We want everything to be simple, so we don’t use scary contracts. To put your plan on hold for holidays, just give us 2 weeks’ notice. To end your Suna Pilates membership just give us 4 weeks’ notice. There is no charge to upgrade your plan.

Online Pilates on Demand Plan includes Casual
Pilates on Demand
3 new online workouts per week

Workout online $15.00 per week

Workout Videos $15.00 each
Pilates Classes in the Studio Membership includes Casual Passes
Pilates Fit
45 minute equipment-based Pilates classes
Any Pilates Fit classes 
$27.50 per week
From $18.00 each
30 or 45 minute fast paced Pilates classes
3 HIIT 30 classes a week
$18.50 per week
From $9.90 each
45 minute equipment based Reformer Pilates classes
Any Reformer classes
$49.95 per week
From $29.50 each
Reformer HIIT 30
30 minute, fast paced Reformer Pilates classes
Included in Reformer & Pilates Total
From $17.00 each
Once Weekly
Choose Pilates Fit or Reformer Pilates and get one class each week
Enjoy one class a week
from $15
Personal Training Pilates Sessions Casual
Personal Training
45 minute individual Pilates sessions for personal attention
From $85
Personal Training for Kids & Teens
30 or 45 minute individual Pilates sessions children aged 8-15
From $25
Premium Memberships Memberships include
Pilates Total
 classes, all equipment, no limits.
Any classes 
$59.95 per week
Fit & HIIT 30
All Pilates Fit and HIIT 30 classes
Any Pilates Fit & HIIT 30 classes 
$29.50 per week


You can pay by Direct Debit or Credit Card and there is a one off $15 set up fee. Just talk to us on 09 489 1987 or email us on info@sunapilates.co.nz and we can join you up now! 

*Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or save 15% when you pay for a year up front + No joining fee*.  Each week's fee is due one week in advance. If paid weekly, we only require 4 week's notice to cancel your membership. See our T&Cs here. Student Memberships are also available with current Student ID. 

** See our timetable for available times. We'll send you all the paperwork before your Intro session, and you can complete this form via your booking link, or come in 15 minutes early to complete it in the office. Doing paperwork upfront means you won’t pay the $55 joining fee! You can opt out at any time before your trial ends, with no penalties. Just email us and we will stop your agreement immediately. Members often start with Pilates Fit, as this is our most popular membership, but you can change memberships at any stage.

Auckland Pilates classes - enjoy Pilates your way!

  • Are you a Pilates warrior who prefers one on one personalised Pilates sessions with one of our amazing trainers guiding your every move?
  • Or, do you need the company of a good friend in your Pilates classes to make Pilates part of your life?
  • Is Pilates an escape to a precious slice of 'me time' in a busy, over committed life where you juggle children, career and daily errands?
  • Or is fitness and Pilates an integral part of your persona?

We'd love to hear what kind of Pilates class you are looking for, and will be more than happy to help you choose the best possible Pilates class for your personal style and life. You're welcome to call the team at Suna Pilates and ask for insights on the various styles of Pilates classes and personal Pilates sessions we offer. We're right here in Auckland on 09 489 1987!