Susie's drive to help people become stronger, younger and to heal

Susie spoke to The Local Business Network Albany

Do you want to fix people, or not?

A tough question - especially for a newbie to the world of holistic health and wellness like me. But Susie Cleland of Suna Pilates and Wellness has earned the right to ask, being a leader and visionary behind the 18-year-old business.

Offering over 135 classes every week using primal movement patterns Susie says, "clients are stronger, younger and are healing; isn't that what you're looking for?"

More than 50 clients have been with her since 2000 with many overcoming health and lifestyle challenges that the traditional medical fraternity couldn't do anything about.

"Some of the members have gotten rid of chronic knee pain, permanently," said Susie, "when one of our members sustained a grade 4 quadriceps tear, the doctors couldn't work out how he was still walking, but at 73 he had the strength throughout his entire body to keep moving normally. He said it was 'just a little painful."

Susie has worked to establish a team culture that frankly, she needs to write a book about! It's important to her that her team is healthy, are cared for and are inspired by it so that they can find themselves in what they do for others, after all, life is about helping others to be at their best.

"We all practice being Present and through our thoughts, words, and deeds, help people to heal, love and grow."

For Susie, helping people become stronger, younger and to heal has been her purpose and a spiritual journey, and she's great at it.

She says, "when people are ready they'll start to heal, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually."

If you're seeking a way to become the best that you can be with the loving honesty of a leader who has earned her stripes as someone you can trust to guide you towards optimal health, then Susie and her Team at Suna Pilates and Wellness are there to not only help you, but make sure that you succeed.

So, are you ready?