Winter Seasonal Focus - Build energy for a powerhouse winter with Suna Pilates

While autumn is a time to replenish our energy levels, winter is a time to become energy efficient and move with control. Our theme for winter at Suna Pilates is Build Energy. It’s time to be efficient with our movements, and as always, focus on doing it better, not bigger.

As with every season we will take a core group of exercises and focus on learning them, building on our skill by challenging ourselves, and finally; owning it!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy; 
not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


Cross crawl + lovely lunges: de-stress + energise

Lunges and cross crawl exercises help balance our bodies, both through increasing physical agility and balance, and through facilitating energy exchange, where energy is passed from one side to the other. 

Cross crawl exercises strengthen our essential limbic system, and aid relaxation, leading to reduced stress and increased energy levels. A healthy limbic system contributes to mental balance and calm, while also ensuring that your whole body is working in sync. This all produces a mentally calm, physically graceful state, where we can move economically and with ease, and feel wonderful inside and out.

Any exercise like lunges and cross crawl Pilates exercises, that involves ‘crossing over’ from one side of the body to the other, will strengthen the connection between your ‘right and left’ brains, improve physical coordination and increase your stability and body consciousness. As we focus on the body we become more aware of specific muscles.


Cross crawl for healthy hearts, fat burning + breathing

Cross crawl exercises involve your body moving with leg action. This helps keep your cardiovascular system in check, burn fat and help with correct breathing - as well as triggering that left-right brain connection which helps balance your autonomic nervous system. Focused cross crawl exercises are all about decreasing stress and increasing energy.


Lunges to lengthen, balance + energise

Lunges are an exceptionally powerful form of cross crawl exercise that deliver huge benefits for our bodies, and are integral to our Pilates classes this winter. Lunges help us lengthen across the body, and stimulate, balance and energise our lungs and large intestine for inner wellbeing and energy efficiency.


It's dark and cold outside - don't rush it

Mother nature, and our bodies are quite clear that winter is a great time to store energy, and stay warm. Our body wants to save energy in winter so exercise should be effective but exertion should be conscious and controlled.

The chilly air causes vascular constriction, and blasting through a crossfit class at full speed is likely to create massive sympathetic dominance - pushing your body into a state of fight or flight where anxiety and stress can take hold. Move your body mindfully and make the most of your Suna Pilates classes. 


No, you don’t need to put on weight this winter

Shorter days mean less motivating Vitamin D and less daylight for exercise and fitness. The great news is, you get to choose your life. Simply decide that winter is a great time for looking after your body.

Grab some Echinacea and honey and get on with getting fit!


Take a moment to listen to how you speak to yourself.

Your language forms your inner reality, and determines your world. Are you telling yourself “everybody puts on weight in winter” or “I always get out of shape in winter time”? your subconscious hears everything you say as a direct instruction – and does its very best to obey.

Start fresh by using inner monologues like “This is a great time to exercise indoors” or “I feel great this winter, and I am as fit as ever!” Be wary of making promises that are based in the future like “I am going to start going to Pilates” – your body hears only that this isn’t happening now. Turn it around to “Every Monday is my Pilates day”!


Get some fast fitness results this winter, enjoy de-stressing and building your energy levels. Have a look at our Pilates classes or get in touch now. Our winter fitness will help you de-stress and energise your body and mind.