Is Pilates the perfect exercise for children & teens? October 17 2017

pilates for kids

At Suna Pilates we created Pilates classes specifically designed to strengthen and support the growing bodies of children aged 10-14 years. During these years children often grow rapidly, and it’s essential that their developing bodies get the right kind of exercise. Exercise for older children and early teens should be zero impact, with a focus on flexibility and balanced strength – and it should be fun!
Our 45 minute SunaJuniors classes are built around the classic Pilates exercises and given a special refinement to ensure that every exercise takes extra care of growing early teenage bodies. This doesn’t mean that they are easy! SunaJuniors are high intensity zero-impact classes designed to give your sons and daughters a great fitness workout designed especially for kids.
The kids in our classes are so incredible to work with, and have a wide range of reasons for being Suna ‘early-adopters’!  Some of our ‘Pilates Kids’ are using Pilates as part of their fitness routine for their sporting passion; and swim, run or compete seriously. Others just want to feel fantastic about their bodies during what can be challenging years physically, and others want to keep the energy and vitality of childhood firing as they begin their journey to adulthood. Then again, many of the youth members at Suna get just as passionate about Pilates itself as the adults do!

Suna’s top five benefits of Pilates classes for kiwi kids & early teens

  1. Ditch the couch slouch!
    Our Pilates classes educate children and teenagers about consciously employing correct posture, so they develop great postural and body awareness. This sets them up to employ correct posture for their whole life maximising the health of their body and minimising injuries.
  1. Creating beautiful, well bodies
    Just as for adults, SunaJunior Pilates classes will help your child build balanced, whole-body strength, with increased mobility and flexibility.
  1. Pilates is zero impact
    As 10 - 14 year olds, it is essential that children and younger teens are coached safely through ‘age-and-stage’ appropriate exercises while their bodies are developing and growing.
  1. Grow sporty, fit kids
    Pilates is excellent for core conditioning and overall fitness levels to improve children’s sports performance - and dramatically reduce the potential of injuries.
  1. Breathing into a better life
    As with all Suna Pilates classes, juniors learn the focused breathing techniques essential to the Pilates exercises performed in class – and will develop a self-management tool that can help in daily life, especially with stress management.

We love building fit lifestyles – So kids can trial a Pilates class FREE

We use sports balls, mat work and SunaFit spring towers  in the SunaJuniors classes, which help participants to build core strength, flexibility, long lean muscles, strong healthy backs and improved body consciousness – just as the Suna Pilates adult clients do; and all with zero impact.

SunaFit spring towers  offer more resistance, for faster fitness and strength gains, and increased flexibility, better coordination and posture. This resistance also strengthens bones, and sculpts long strong muscles. Of course, as with all Suna Pilates classes, SunaJuniors will help burn off excess fat - so if your child is in that lean, knobbly knees phase, make sure they get the right nutrition to support the activity!

Is SunaJuniors Pilates right for your child?

Pilates really is an exercise for everyone, and that includes young people too! Our instructors ensure that each participant in the Pilates classes gets fantastic guidance and we have small class sizes where each child is encouraged to can work at the right pace for their body and fitness level.

Pilates for kids can help your child with health, fitness, energy levels, posture, stress relief and sporting goals. Get them in for a free trial session and watch them begin to reap the benefits right away. Grab a single pass or a 10 Class Pass now, or get in touch about a free trial now.