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Pilates Classes in Auckland

Regardless of your age, fitness level and budget, we have got the right pilates class to suit you, right here in Auckland. All of our pilates classes are equipment based for maximum effectiveness and fully supervised and directed by an experienced Suna Pilates trainer.

With our great Suna membership plans and over 80 pilates classes in the timetable each week, it’s easy to fit our 30 or 45 minute pilates sessions into your busy life. Our pilates studio is in Takapuna, just 10 minutes from central Auckland, which means that many Auckland commuters can pop in at lunch time or on their way to or from work. De-stress and re-energise with pilates - and enjoy feeling mentally and physically refreshed.

First, choose one of our trial options - these include an Intro Session and unlimited classes. Even if you've done pilates before, you will need to complete this session before beginning your regular pilates classes. The Intro session is best suited for anyone without any injuries or concerns. Should you have any injuries or are not feeling confident in your body, we recommend our Get Stuck In - Solo trial.

Pilates classes - pick your pilates style!

SunaFit - Equipment based pilates classes unique to Suna - $20 / class or $180 for 10
 - Equipment based pilates classes using Pilates Reformers - $40 / class or $385 for 10
- Bootcamp style pilates classes - $80 for 10
 - Individual pilates sessions for personal attention - From $85 / session
SunaJuniors - Pilates classes for children aged 10-14yrs - $14 / class or buy a pack
SunaBubs - Pilates classes for mums with babies - $12 / class or buy a pack

Our SunaDuo Unlimited membership plan gives you unlimited SunaFit and SunaBlitz pilates classes for a flat rate of $28.50 per week.
Our SunaTotal Unlimited membership plan gives you u
nlimited SunaFit, SunaForm and SunaBlitz pilates classes for a flat rate of $59.95 per week.

Take the first step and get started with a Suna Pilates trial.

Check out our standard Suna membership plans - or get a huge 15% discount and no joining fee when you pay for a year up front!.

Student Memberships are also available with current Student ID - ask about this.

We also regularly hold workshops and events.


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Auckland pilates classes - enjoy pilates your way!

  • Are you a pilates warrior who prefers one on one personalised pilates sessions with one of our amazing trainers guiding your every move?
  • Or, do you need the company of a good friend in your pilates classes to make pilates part of your life?
  • Is pilates an escape to a precious slice of 'me time' in a busy, over committed life where you juggle children, career and day to day errands?
  • Or is fitness and pilates an integral part of your persona?

We'd love to hear what kind of pilates class you are looking for, and will be more than happy to help you choose the best possible pilates class for your personal style and life.

You're welcome to call the team at Suna Pilates and ask for insights on the various styles of pilates classes and personal pilates sessions we offer. We're right here in Auckland on 09 489 1987!