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How exercise can help boost your mental health

How exercise can help boost your mental health

If you or people you love have dealt with depression or other mental health issues, you are likely to recognise the extra effort involved to 'just get out and do something' when you are not feeling up-beat. And yet, most people recognise that getting some exercise is almost guaranteed to raise our mood, even if it's just a little bit to begin with. 

We love to hear Suna people tell us that they feel calmer, happier and empowered after sessions, and would love to show you how regular Suna can reboot and rejuvenate your state of mind, as well as your body.


Science says: Exercise is good for your mental health too!

Michigan State University and researchers from the University of Michigan spoke with 295 patients receiving care at a mental health outpatients clinic if they wanted to be more active, and if they felt that exercise helped improve their mood and reduce anxiety. 

The resulting scientific research 'Moving Towards Wellness' assessed the beliefs, barriers and preferences for physical activity among the group - and found no great surprises: 

  • 84% of respondents reported a link between physical activity and their mood or anxiety level
  • 85% wanted to be more active
  • Less than half met US physical activity guidelines of at least 150 min/week
  • 52% reported that their mood limited their involvement in physical activity.
  • Only 37% reported their Mental Health providers regularly discussed physical activity with them. 

Michigan State University's Marcia Valenstein, senior author and professor emeritus in psychiatry explains:

"Mental health treatment programs need to partner with fitness programs to support their patients' willingness to exercise more," she said. "This support might come from integrating personal trainers into mental health clinics or having strong partnerships with the YMCA or other community recreational facilities."

Based on research to date, it doesn’t seem to have any impact which type of exercise you do, as long as you pick one you like and do it regularly. “This is good news," Janney says, "meaning that exercise, regardless of the type or intensity, benefits individuals experiencing depression.”

Because Suna Pilates is mindful exercise, the benefits of exercising can improve your mental state even faster, creating truly holistic wellness.