Life-changing Pilates - A working mum & runner discovers Suna Pilates

pilates woman

Meet the client:

A very successful working mother of three who has been a runner all her life, but like most women, struggles to prioritise 'me time', is unsatisfied with her physical appearance, and has a constant stream of 'busy thoughts' running through her mind. Let's call her 'Angela' here.

Angela began a two week trial at Suna Pilates. It quickly emerged that she was a natural and she really 'got it' both on a physical level and mentally. As a lifelong athlete, she had a great mind-body connection and could use this to perform the Pilates exercises accurately for great results.

The benefits of Suna Pilates:

Peace of mind: With the help of kinesiology, Angela was given a re-balance and was able to effect real change in her thought patterns and address her frenetic 'busy' mindset.

Rejuvenation: Angela realised that with the concentration required for a Pilates class, this was the only time her mind became still. With Pilates, she can have 'me time' and employ mindfulness to calm her thoughts and be present and peaceful for a deeply rejuvenating experience.

Weight loss: Despite being moderately fit already, in the first three weeks Angela lost 3 kilos of excess weight, as her body shed toxins and began to work effectively.

Better posture: Through her growing understanding of correct posture and increased body awareness, Angela realised that she had been running in the wrong posture, making it less effective fitness, and more likely to create injury.

Effective fitness: Understanding that only WORKING IN THE RIGHT POSTURE WILL CREATE CHANGE means that every exercise Angela does, regardless if it is Pilates or running or walking, means that she will get much more benefit from any fitness activity, and can avoid injury.


We love seeing people thrive through Pilates. If you'd like to talk about your goals, and the changes you want to make in your life, give us a call now on 09 489 1987. Right now is the best time to start living better!