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Pilates in Pregnancy Course - Pilates Instructor Training

  • $375.00

Pilates for Pregnancy by Suna Pilates

As an established Pilates instructor, it is inevitable that you will encounter a client who is pregnant. It is important that you understand the stages of pregnancy and how the body changes during this time so you can support and accommodate your client safely in a Pilates class.

This highly practical 3.5 hour course will give you the skills to better assess and create programs for a greater range of clients, helping you grow into an exceptional exercise professional whilst keeping mum and bub safe.

You can attend this course in our Auckland studio or online via Zoom training. If you have questions about this Pilates Instructor Training course, please email us or call 09 489 1987.


Once you graduate you will have:

  • The knowledge of how to successfully and safely teach Pilates to pregnant women
  • Understanding of how and why Pilates can be great for health during pregnancy - and what to watch for
  • The ability to apply variations to exercises you already teach so that they are suitable for pregnant women
  • The ability to analyze and correct postures for pregnant women, and to know what is appropriate at different stages of pregnancy
  • The ability to create beneficial, safe, challenging and fun sessions for women in pregnancy
  • A more in-depth look at the physical needs of a pregnant body and benefits of Pilates in pregnancy

    Learning modules covered in this Pilates Instructor Training Course:

    1. Learn the stages and changes of the pregnant body and mind
    2. Understand what happens to posture during this time and how to support your clients through great posture in pregnancy
    3. Gain knowledge in what Pilates exercises are great during pregnancy and what should be avoided
    4. Understand ways to include a pregnant client in a regular class
    5. Help pregnant clients retain strength, mobility and stability

    See why people choose Pilates Instructor Training with Suna Pilates, and view our course timetable here. Please email us or call 09 489 1987 to book your place now.  

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