The powerful benefits of breathing with Suna Pilates

Breath is a central principle of pilates – and there are some very compelling reasons why! At Suna Pilates we have a strong focus on the importance breathing correctly, with active inhalation and exhalation as this creates numerous benefits for your overall health, metabolism and energy levels.

Enjoy better pilates form

Breathing well supports correct pilates form during the exercises, and specific changes in breathing technique or rhythm are employed to increase the effectiveness of each Suna Pilates movement.


Strengthen that core

In pilates we place emphasis on ‘strengthening the core’, and Suna Pilates exercises include using specific breathing patterns to activate our core muscles effectively. One of the key reasons we focus on breath is that the exhale in each exercise ensures that the abdominal muscles are engaged – which delivers quick results and strengthening of your core.

A strengthened core and supple intercostal muscles allow the lungs to expand more and support an improved the respiratory system, which is crucial to our overall mind-body wellbeing.

Boost oxygenation

On that topic – breathing well increases the supply of oxygen around our bodies and brains. Fuller breaths provide extra oxygen to improve blood circulation, providing more oxygen and nutrients to our cells and relieving congestion.

Feel more energetic

It’s easy to see how breathing well fuels your metabolism with more oxygen and nutrients and improves your energy levels! Great pilates breathing makes you feel less physically and mentally tired, and sets your body at an optimum operating level.

Because of our focus on breathing, you can expect to leave a Suna Pilates class feeling physically extended, but energised and revitalised!

Breathing well also engages your diaphragm, massaging your internal organs and improving their cleansing and nutrient boosting functions for additional energy and detoxifying your system. You will literally be breathing out toxins too.

Get more beautiful skin – yes, really!

All this cleansing and metabolism boosting action is visible on the outside too - improved circulation and oxygen flow can lessen wrinkles and give your skin a gorgeous lasting radiance.

Increase clarity of mind

Breathing deeply with intention is a simple form of meditation and helps clarify the mind and calm the body. Breathe away stress and calm your nervous system. It’s all in your control.

Look fit and fabulous with Suna Pilates

Suna’s style of pilates is an extremely effective form of fitness and our clients see results fast. Great breathing techniques are a critical piece of the formula and we will help make sure that you understand them and employ correct breathing in the classes to get maximum benefits. You can tone up and get in shape quickly, but once you feel the effects of our great pilates technique you will want to make Suna a part of your lifestyle.

Curious about the amazing health benefits of pilates? Have a look at our pilates classes or get in touch now.