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Welcome to the newest season of your life

Welcome to the newest season of your life

Spring is a time of unfurling and fresh buds, blossom and the sunlight returning. It’s time to detox your winter habits, awaken your senses and step outside.

Spring is a time of unfurling and fresh buds, blossom and the sunlight returning. It’s time to detox your winter habits, awaken your senses and step outside.

As we emerge from winter rhythms and seek the light, our brains and bodies are perfectly poised to begin new ways of living. Spring is full of new energy and possibility, and we feel that early morning vibe of ‘what shall I DO today?’ Now is the perfect time to ask yourself; what DO you want?

Your body and mind are ready. Spring is the perfect time to start a new skill or create new habits that build a happier healthier life!

Need some inspiration? Pick one of these six ideas and let your potential bloom!

Join Suna Pilates Studio in Takapuna

Our Pilates Studio has workout options perfect for everyone! We run a range of Pilates Classes from Reformer Pilates to Pilates Fit and HIIT. During lockdowns we switch your studio membership to the relevant online membership which will include online workouts, a full timetable of Zoom classes, online Personal Training and full access to our Wellbeing Hub.

Suna Pilates Takapuna Studio is on Barry’s Point Road, convenient to the Northern Motorway, with plenty of free parking.

Start daily workouts with Your Pilates

No matter where you are, you can get the goodness of Suna Pilates exercise with You’ll benefit from clear instruction and explanations from our skilled instructors, so you work out in the right posture, for the best possible results. Workouts range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, and you can find workouts that fit your personal goals, from full body workouts to stress busting mood improvers.

Take the 5 week challenge now, or sign up and get a Free Trial Week, and access to the challenges as they come out!

Create a life you love with Time to Thrive

Our newest wellbeing programme is completely online so it’s fully accessible anywhere!

With 10 modules covering everything from stress management and mindfulness, to goal setting, reframing beliefs to create new habits, and of course posture and movement, Time to Thrive gives you tools and insights to address complementary aspects of body and mind wellness. Small daily practices add up to dramatic lifestyle changes and our clients tell us that they are more joyful, less anxious, and feel fantastic in their bodies.

Find out more – you can choose the modules that address what you are most passionate about changing, or buy the 10 week course.

Minus 5 & Be Well in Studio Wellbeing Programmes

A blend of our wellbeing ethos with Kinesiology and Pilates, these two programmes are both highly supportive, hands-on paths to greater wellbeing.

Minus 5 is designed to support easy and sustainable shedding of excess weight, by finding out what the causes of weight retention are, and addressing those with simple daily techniques, combined with insights of your Metabolic Type so you know what foods your body needs to thrive and function optimally. This is supported with a personalised exercise programme which could be anything from a morning walk on the beach to Pilates workouts online.

Be Well 8 is an 8 Week completely personalised wellbeing programme which meshes Kinesiology, mental strategies, creating physical exercise habits and eating effectively for your unique body. This wellbeing programme can dramatically change your life, and can literally last a lifetime as you work to reframe beliefs and create healthy, life-empowering ways of living that mean you will feel happier, live well longer, and enjoy each day more.

Metabolic Typing online analysis

Want to get a head start on a healthy weight and a well-functioning body? Our online Metabolic Typing quiz is only $10 and comes with educational videos to help you understand which foods help your body thrive. Knowing your Metabolic Type is half the battle won when you decide you want to maintain a healthy body weight long term.

Become a trained & certified Pilates Instructor

Suna Pilates is running online zoom training for Pilates Instructor Certification right now. In fact, being online only means it’s even easier than usual for us to provide the Pilates Instructor Course that you want, when you want! Our Instructor Training is globally recognised, and our graduates work all over the world, from LA to London, Canada and Queenstown. Find out more about training as a Pilates Instructor.


Invest in self-love and take care of your body and your mind. Empowering yourself now will pay dividends for the rest of your life. Shed the old habits that no longer serve you and refresh your daily habits to create a life you are excited to wake up to every morning.


Does this sound amazing but you’re unsure where to start? Call us or drop an email our way. We’re really happy to explain more and help you find your next exciting step on your most important, life-long project – You!