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Awaken your body with Suna Pilates

Awaken your body with Suna Pilates

Spring Pilates classes at Suna have a focus on lunges and twists. Our bespoke Pilates classes use traditional Pilates philosophy, but add a fresh ‘twist’.

Spring is here & your body is ready to work

Spring is a brilliant time to ask your body for more and start notching up some great fitness gains. As nature wakens from winter and sunlight increases energy, so do our bodies.

Susie suggests imagining a tree to represent how our bodies function through the seasonal cycle. In autumn the root network slowly grows deeper, building functional strength in the roots during the darker days of winter; then with increasing sunlight and nutrients in spring, sap quickens and the tree bursts into bud, ready for lush and fruitful summer growth.

Spring is the best time to start new projects, make new resolutions, change your lifestyle - and get right into your fitness plan!

“To create change, focus on what you will gain,
                                   instead of what you will give up.”

Suna Pilates’ spring ‘Lunge & Twist’ seasonal focus

The new spring exercises at Suna Pilates incorporate a special focus on lunges and twists into our proprietary Pilates classes. As the liver is sluggish in winter months, spring is the perfect time to use twists and lunges to extend the liver, moving toxins out and revitalising your metabolism for greater energy.

Tip: Lemon or cider vinegar in water is great for spring digestive cleansing and detox, and Sama blocking is great for moving digestion along!

We will be waking up your muscles ready for summer, you will feel more energised and your body will be toning and lifting. As your strengthen your stability will increase and you’ll increase your functional fitness levels.

Tip: Enjoy moving! How blessed are we to have a healthy, functioning body to live in!

Our Pilates Instructors will explain the new exercises fully in your Pilates classes, but here is a high-level overview of what we are working towards with our bespoke Pilates workouts this spring:

  1. Building competence.
    We will begin with fewer reps of challenging Pilates exercises and focus on postural perfection, until by the end of the month you will progress to the point where you are capable of doing more reps, and we will do less different exercises in each class.
  2. Strength building.
    Targeted focus on specific muscle groups, then the surrounding muscles, will ensure that you build strength in all muscle groups for overall power, and posture improvements.
  3. Sculpting shape.
    Suna Pilates focus on posture helps you target and load specific muscle groups to shape and strengthen that particular area. Sleek shaping and balanced muscles creates long lean muscles and flexible, beautiful bodies.
  4. And, breathe…
    Correct breathing and striving for postural perfection forces our minds to clear, and brings us fully into the present – find out why mindful exercise is so effective. 

Tip: Take time to focus on your breath through the day – pause and breathe!

Combine Pilates classes, nutrition & kinesiology for holistic wellness

To get the maximum effect of your Suna Pilates classes and enjoy a new level of fitness this spring, combine our Metabolic Typing and Kinesiology offerings with Pilates in a personalised and powerful Minus 5 Programme - this is designed to help clients shed 5 excess kilos in just 5 weeks, but will be fully customised to your goals and your body.

Tip: Step outside and watch the sun rise to help reset your circadian rhythms with the new season!


Practicing Pilates helps you tune in to your body, enjoy a more peaceful mind and get fit. When you exercise regularly, then add nutrition that works for your body and personalised wellbeing programmes, you have a winning recipe for a balanced, fit, joyful and beautiful you.

Welcome to spring at Suna Pilates – we wish you a fabulous season of happiness, health and fitness!