• Overcoming 'flight or flight' - How to escape living in a state of stress

    The analogy of a car is useful for explaining the effect of Fight or Flight on your body. Flight mode is our Sympathetic nervous system kicking into action, 'accelerating your car' - and Fight mode is the Parasympathetic system, which 'hits the brakes hard'. Two key nervous systems are acting against each other, so that neither is functioning well. We call this Sympathetic Dominance, as the flight instinct over-rides the functioning of the body's rest and repair processes. It results in stressed, anxious exhausted people... and we want to help!
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  • Understanding depression and anxiety

    Anxiety and depression are so prominent in our society and we all know someone that has suffered, or is suffering from this terrible feeling, which they feel they have no control over. Here is some information that may help. View Post
  • Facebook Live Videos with Susie at Suna Pilates

    Everyone is welcome to join our Facebook Live series with Susie - At Suna we are passionate about helping people live their best life and enjoy whole body wellbeing!

    View our series here.

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  • Susie has some good news - we have plans in place

    As per government instructions we are shut for all group classes. But don’t worry! We’ve been preparing for this for weeks, and have some great ways to keep you exercising and keep you boosting your immune system with Suna - from your home. We are here to help you keep calm, fit and healthy!

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  • Our top immune system boosters

    Now more than ever it's important to focus on your wellbeing. Here are our favourite tips to help you enjoy good health and boost your immunity - the best way to fight a virus is to not get it! A strong immune system is an incredibly powerful defence, and by boosting your own immune system, you a... View Post
  • Finding Mindfulness & Wellness in Autumn

    We hear all too often that life is busy and that there isn’t enough time to do things that are beneficial for wellbeing - but how are you going to be of benefit to your loved ones if you haven’t taken care of YOU! View Post