Once-Weekly Saver Plan

We have the best value Pilates reformer classes just for you

If you want to come once a week and not pay our casual price of $30 per class for SunaForm Reformer Pilates classes, you can choose a Once Weekly membership, and get one visit per week for just $22 each week. 

Find it hard to find time for fitness?

If time is not your friend, or you struggle to prioritise yourself and your wellbeing, it is essential to ensure that any exercise you do actually works - and gets results. Of course, more workouts will bring faster results, but sometimes that just isn't realistic - and scheduling even just one Pilates reformer class into your week will give you huge benefits. Don’t feel bad about just doing one class - feel great about doing something for yourself. And remember, one class is 100% better than no class! 

One Suna Pilates class a week is effective & beneficial

One Suna Class per week will:

  • Strengthen you
  • Straighten you
  • Improve your breathing
  • Improve your Postural awareness... and that is a benefit that translates  into everything you do and helps you improve everything you do... walking, sports, and your daily movements will get better if you become more aware of your correct posture. 

Every class is directed and supervised by a highly trained Suna Pilates trainer, who will ensure that you do every exercise correctly - and therefore get great results. 

Give our Once Weekly plan a go - get in touch now.