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Let's get the show on the road

Let's get the show on the road

We’re talking to you about bodies! We love getting you to where you want to be and there is so much we can do to help you. From the moment you say “exercise” your expectation is that your body will say it with you. But that’s not always the case. There’s so much more to being fit than just lifting weights or dieting. And so much fun to be had! 

Metabolic typing combined with pilates

We’re talking to you about bodies! We love getting you to where you want to be and there is so much we can do to help you. From the moment you say “exercise” your expectation is that your body will say it with you. But that’s not always the case. There’s so much more to being fit than just lifting weights or dieting. And so much fun to be had! So come into Suna and get started on being the best you possible!

It’s a fact. Exercise is not the only path to being fit. Not everyone benefits from the same type of movement. Our bodies’ age differently, are in a constant state of change, and have life events that greatly impact how well we can reach premium wellness. Wondering where to start? It’s easy, come to Suna and join the MOVEMENT. And we mean this literally!

Why do people need functional fitness?

Show us a person that has been abusing their body with over exercise and under nourishment, and we will show you 7 reasons to come to Suna to change the way you treat yourself and bring total wellness into your life.  Movement is the right way to get the best results with exercise. If you haven’t been exercising recently and are returning to a state of health after a fitness holiday, or have been exercising hard out but can’t achieve the results you desire, you need to focus on building functionality in the way that is best for your body.

Functional Fitness simply means that your body can move and function to the best of its ability and just feels good. And isn’t that really what we all desire?

What happens when you over exercise and how you can avoid pitfalls 

The key to exercise is not to treat it as a chore, you should not have to force yourself to move, and it should be enjoyable and fun. Maybe you are discovering that middle age has knocked the stuffing out of your previously proud physique, or there are things you want to do where your mind is willing, but your body is not! Maybe you’ve had a life event that has forced you to put your own physical health on the back burner while you focus on something else, and now is the time for you to put yourself at the forefront! Whatever the reason, returning to exercise does not have to be complicated or hard.

It is quite common for you to jump back into fitness and suddenly remove sugar, start a diet, and force exercise which puts your body into a state of shock. But by doing this the hard way, you’ll also need to have a down time and this is when you undo all the radical change you’ve just forced on your body. Over exercising and under-eating is too much change for your body to handle. You are training your body to build defenses by slowing your metabolism to prepare for the next bout of abuse. It really does not have to be this hard. All you really need is to find a form of exercise you enjoy, to know what your body needs metabolically to be healthy, and to have fun!

Not all disciplines of exercise are created equal – some are significantly better!

We’ve created exercise that is challenging at every session and grows with you. Our trainers will push you while ensuring you stay in the right posture so that each exercise is safe for you. The old mantra “No Pain No Gain”, while deeply ingrained, is not what your body needs to improve. Why are you punishing yourself? There is no reason to make yourself hurt when you exercise, yes is should be hard but it should not be detrimental to your joint or muscular health. And you don’t need to spend hours sweating it out in the gym, our workouts target the right areas and will get results without forcing your pores to cry!

Your body is a balanced structure, and it needs to be worked evenly to build strength the right way. To keep your body paying attention, rather than making your work outs routine, our trainers introduce variation and modification to ensure you get a good work out and enjoy it at the same time. We believe that exercise is a natural part of your life, a partnership to ensure you age well and can move to best of your ability.

Another factor in overall health is the type of food you consume as it is a crucial building block for your body, providing it with the capability to ward off illness and disease. You can’t just exercise to get results, you need to include food in your health regime to achieve great results. Suna starts with YOU, we look at your metabolic type so we know what your individual body requires to maximize results. We consider how you are put together, and then we help you move to achieve a healthier happier self. There is no such thing as one size fits all!

7 Reasons to choose Suna as your long term movement partner

1. It’s good for you! No kidding! Pilates health benefits include: improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone particularly for abdominal (oh yes!), as well as lower back, hips and buttocks and enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs. Is anyone thinking “No thank you, I’ll take saggy?”

2. We apply functional fitness to train your body to move in the way it was meant to move. And we do this while continuously upgrading and modifying our classes so you are always challenged at the right level of hard. Let us optimise your posture and functionality!

3. You can feel when you are in the right posture! Once you know how to use your abs and body positioning, you can practice it anywhere and will know it is working for you. Even when standing still!

4. Stress is widely known as the silent killer. It has become so engrained in our lives that we think it is normal to feel stressed. The type of exercise you do matters so we will take the time to guide you through high stress periods with regular sustainable exercise and movement.

5. It feels good. Pilates starts off at the level your body is at, and journeys with you as you grow. You are not forced to do more than you should which ensures you complete your classes and feel invigorated, not exhausted.

6. Food is crucial to your body health. We can use metabolic testing to tell you what foods you need to give your body the best building blocks possible. Let us show you how to build your house out of bricks, not straw. We all know how that story ends!

5. Pilates will ensure that you can move well and sustain a healthy level of fitness and vitality. To help keep you motivated we welcome partners and family groups as well as individuals. We will support whatever it is you need to commit to movement that will sustain you and help you live well.

6. Less is more! Suna doesn’t just throw you into a workout. We focus on the best change in small steps so you can enjoy your movement to health. It’s not just exercise that leads to fitness, it is also thoughts, breathing, hydration and nutrition, then exercise and finally rest. If your already exercising, that’s great! We can help you do it more efficiently!

7. Posture is power! To help you get the best results possible, during your first session with us we will review your posture to empower you to make targeted change. We can also look at your food intake, kinesiology, metabolic type, and your function and structure. Making small adjustments will improve every movement you make at every age and level!

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