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Why all the hype about Pilates reformers?

Why all the hype about Pilates reformers?

Want to know why Pilates Reformer Classes are taking off with Victoria’s Secret models, actresses and professional athletes? Suna Pilates explains.

Want to know why Pilates Reformer Classes are so good? In short, it’s because a reformer lets you intensify and focus exercises to create the famous Pilates “powerhouse” body, boosting core strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, while shaping your muscles for a longer, leaner look - And it allows you to see results really quickly!

A Pilates reformer might look complicated, with its sliding carriage, springs, bars and straps, but it means you can assert more control, and get more fitness impact than ever before.

With Pilates reformer classes, you can increase the benefits of Mat Pilates, building even better core strength, flexibility, long lean muscles, a healthy back and improved body consciousness.

Benefits of a Pilates reformer workout

  • The pulley and spring system offers more resistance, enabling you to attain even better posture, coordination, graceful, efficient movement, and back pain relief.
  • This higher level of resistance means you will see fitness and strength increases faster. You are likely to see changes in your body within weeks.
  • The resistance of the Pilates Reformer movements helps build stronger bones and long, strong muscles without bulk.
  • The bars and cables help you perform exercises through a full range of motion, without compromising your posture. This is the aspect of Pilates which develops longer leaner looking muscles, and is wonderful for increasing flexibility.
  • Consistent Pilates reformer workouts improve body composition. This collaborative study by experts in Spanish and British Universities tracked the effect of women who did 4 weeks with no exercise, followed by 16 weeks of one hour reformer workouts just twice a week. As expected, the women showed “significant decreases” in body fat, while their bodies took on a healthier shape, and they gained lean muscle mass.
  • With a reformer, you can work your arms and legs more thoroughly and harder than in a mat class, for a more comprehensive workout. You’ll see flatter abs, a stronger backs, toned buttocks and thighs.
  • A reformer is zero impact and lets you adjust the resistance level to match your ability. Along with the controlled movement and balanced effort, this minimises injuries.
  • A reformer is so versatile that exercises can be lying down, sitting, standing, upside down, sideways, pulling the straps, pushing the foot-bar, perched on the foot-bar, using shoulder blocks, with extra equipment, and more…

Is Reformer Pilates right for you?

Pilates really is something everyone can do, and to ensure you get the best guidance we have small reformer class sizes with a maximum of just 9 people so you will always get personalised attention, and you can work on your goals at the right pace for your body and fitness level.

Need injury rehabilitation?

Reformer Pilates is perfect as the precise movements performed on the reformer will help you regain strength and improve your posture. If you have back injuries, a sports injury or muscular imbalance, it's a great way to regain full health.

Want to lose weight and shape your body?

Want to reach a personal goal like looking amazing for a wedding, fast? Just want to enjoy your body and life more? Reformer Pilates classes will give you a cardio boost and lengthen and strengthen your body, all over! You can get sweaty and sculpted by specifically targeting muscles for optimum impact.

Want to age well in a healthy body?

Worried about your age and wanting a zero-impact exercise that is safe for you? Reformer classes are exactly what we recommend. For overall health, core strength, improved bone density and better flexibility, a Pilates reformer class is the optimum workout.

Pregnant and want to find a safe pregnancy workout?

Pilates reformer classes are ideal for pregnant women as they incorporate core strength, pelvic floor and posture strengthening exercises. Doing Pilates Reformer classes while you're pregnant will mean your body can bounce back quicker after your baby arrives. Do talk to us about any concerns, and please do let us know you are pregnant.

Stressed and want to get rid of tension?

Feel better, breathe better, and dump that stress! Reformer Pilates is an ideal way to boost endorphins and cleanse your body and mind with focused fitness.


Ready to try Reformer Pilates? Have a look at our Suna Pilates classes or get in touch now.