Finding Mindfulness & Wellness in Autumn

We hear all too often that life is busy and that there isn’t enough time to do things that are beneficial for wellbeing - but how are you going to be of benefit to your loved ones if you haven’t taken care of YOU!

We have all been around people who deplete our energy when they aren’t feeling good in themselves or they are stressed, and you may feel yourself doing this to your loved ones too. It isn’t selfish to prioritise your wellbeing, it’s essential for your mind and body, and the happiness of those you care about. This is why mindfulness is important. 

We live in a world that is a constant rush and when we do have downtime, we sit on the couch and look at social media or watch TV, thinking that we are unwinding, but this is not how you calm yourself.  It is purely a distraction from real life.

What is mindfulness and how does Pilates help with this?

Mindfulness is being present, being all in on the task at hand, it is being focussed on the now!  Breathing is a major focus at Suna as it connects mind and body…. You are focused on controlling your breath, so you are being mindful. Concentrating on the correct inhale and exhale leaves no room for busy inner chatter. 

At Suna, we have a focus - and it is you! 

We help by adjusting you throughout your Pilates workouts so that you are working the correct way for fast results that feel amazing.   We tell you where you should be feeling every movement and what you need to do to feel it there.  Every class has a different focus - so you can’t just go through the motions, you need to be present to ensure you are exercising correctly.  While you are being conscious about what we are guiding you to do, you are focusing on the task at hand and being present, which is true mindfulness. 

What other exercise involves doing the most beneficial, functional movement there is - and all you need to do is to move your body, feel it working and to feel the benefits with every move you make…

Imagine doing that 3-5 times each week and not only feeling calm, present, energised and amazing - but getting strong, toned and building a balanced, functional body all at the same time. 

Autumn brings its own challenges

Don’t underestimate the feeling you get when the weather changes! In Autumn we often start to feel like we have less energy and our moods change.   The feeling you have is real, so you need to learn how to get the most out of the season, and take care of your body the correct way, to ensure you have enough energy stored for winter.  At Suna, we are doing what is best for your body each season – when our bodies work in alignment with nature we do better. 

If this resonates with you, “Breathe well” is our focus for Autumn - so now is the perfect time to start Pilates! Start your mindful journey while building a strong, toned, functional body; and prioritise your beautiful self.