When you gotta walk the walk… our marketing co trials pilates February 14 2017

We asked the marketing freelancers at Fresh Marketing trial our Online Pilates Workout. They said "We knew this workout would be no walk in the park… but we’re also big fans of getting results, so we were in!" 

Fresh Marketing are freelancers who work remotely, and the idea of exercising from the office rather than making a trip to the studio held real appeal. 

"Dutifully we downloaded the link and followed the instructions of celebrity Pilates Instructor, Susie Cleland. 25 minutes of intense but totally controlled exertion followed. Weaker muscles suddenly stood out from the crowd. Exercises were timed judiciously to end just before giving up became the most appealing option. Every area of the body was targeted, toned and tingling! This video delivered one of the best all-over workouts we’ve done – all in our office! We like zero travel time."

Read the full review of our online workout here.

online pilates workout