Make my Mother's Day - What a woman really wants!

Mother's Day looms each year like a vaguely disturbing mauve cloud on the horizon. What gifts will lucky mothers wake up to on Mother's Day? 
Maybe a pair of fluffy slippers? Lavender scented handcream? A bathrobe for all those sleepless nights perhaps?
Please, spare us the grandmotherly gifts. We love grandmothers - and some of us are grannys already - but we don't need talcum powder and potpourri, thank you.
Maybe our grateful offspring will give us gifts to help numb the memory of the years we spent tending them and sling us a bottle of wine! Chocolate is always an option - the gift for when you don't know what to get (or only have time to nip into the nearest dairy). But there are better mother's day gifts than a token gesture, no matter how tasty.

A quick survey of mums might produce a wishlist a bit like this:

  • Quiet time to do what I want
  • A handwritten love note and a big thank you hug (you're welcome)
  • A night out with friends 
  • Time to take care of myself.

Mothers put in the hard yards and although the rewards are literally priceless, sometimes the best thing you can give a mother is time to take care of herself.  Time to take care of her body, her state of mind, and her health - so you can keep on getting mum-hugs as long as possible.

Maybe it's time to stop giving stuff - and start giving time. Time for a walk on the beach, high tea with a friend, or a pilates class. Yes, you knew we would go there.

So we've put our money where our mouths are and made it really easy for your wonderful mum to get some quality Pilates time - for free

Just tag her in our Instagram or Facebook mother's day post and she can enjoy a free Personal Training session and two week's free classes. Brilliant.