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Suna Pilates Corporate Wellness - In office Workplace Wellness Sessions

Do you want your staff to feel better at work, or just have a bit of fun during the working day? Do you want your sports team to experience the benefits of Pilates? If you are in Central Auckland or on the North Shore, we’d love to help.

Get a Suna Pilates session in your workplace or sportsclub 

Pilates is a great team building exercise for small companies, or teams within large businesses, and a Pilates boost is ideal to get your staff on top form through the week. We can do sessions for up to 50 people at a time. A Pilates session is such a great option to add to your corporate wellness programme.

A Suna Pilates Workplace Wellness session will

  • make you feel energised and give you focus for the afternoon
  • take you through a super fun pilates workout
  • be great for stress release
  • provide you postural tips for sitting and standing
  • give you exercises to reduce aches and pains from working at a desk
  • give you the chance to WIN Suna Pilates classes in a fun competition – like wall squats or blind-folded lunges!

We'll also let your staff know what specials we have available for them to try Suna in the studio - or you may be interested in subsidising pilates classes for staff as part of your Corporate Wellness Programme. 

Let us know if you want any special focus for your team - we can tailor a workplace wellness session for your business around posture, flexibility, aging well or combine a Pilates workout with a nutrition workshop. 

It's so easy to organise a Suna Pilates workplace wellness session:

  • Contact us or phone us on 09 489 1987 to let us know you’re interested, or let us know who to talk to in your business to organise a session. We can run the session at lunch time - or another time if it works better for you. 
  • Book your Suna Pilates Instructor, and drum up some interest in your company. We can provide email templates or posters.
  • Wear your pants for Workplace Wellness!

Want to create a Workplace Wellness Programme with regular workplace Pilates Classes?

Healthy, fit employees are happier, have better energy, and will age better. We're passionate about sharing techniques for functional fitness that can be used daily to build good habits, and a healthier, happier body and lifestyle!

We can offer a range of Pilates sessions according to what benefits you want to offer your team. We can conduct a range of workplace wellness pilates sessions and all of these can be tailored to your team's needs.

  • Pilates for Posture - stronger cores and healthy backs
  • Pilates for Health & Safety issues - like bad backs, knees, heavy lifting
  • Pilates with Posture and Nutrition
  • Pilates for Energy - for maintaining energy levels through the work day
  • Nutrition Workshops - with metabolic typing to understand how different foods affect your body
  • Stop Stress Workshops
  • Minus 5 Programme - for weight loss and building better health habits
  • Breathing Workshops - for stress control and energy

Everything we teach is based on functional fitness, and our Corporate Wellness sessions are designed to educate employees with wellness techniques that they can use in every-day life.

Why choose Suna Pilates for Corporate Wellness?

We started 18 years ago purely as a Pilates studio. Since then, driven by a desire to fix issues in our customers we’ve studied with some of the foremost experts in the world and now offer Nutrition, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Kinesiology.

We have a proven Pilates methodology, which we can tailor to your workplace wellness requirements. Find out more about Suna Pilates here.

Sports clubs, community or coffee group? 

If you would like us to come and run a Pilates class for your group, let's talk!

Group Pilates Classes are ideal for:

  • Community fitness groups
  • Schools 
  • Aged care facilities, rehabilitation services and residential care properties
  • Sports teams who want to build strength and flexibility
  • Prenatal groups or Coffee Groups for new mums

If you have a group on the North Shore or in Auckland Central with a minimum of 10 people we can come to you, and run a customised pilates class to benefit your group's needs, using Suna Pilates bespoke functional fitness focus.

Let us know what special focus your would like for your group - we can tailor our exercises to maximise your group's posture, flexibility, strength, aging well - and we can combine your group pilates workout with a nutrition workshop

It's very simple to organise a regular, or one-off Suna Pilates group workout:

  • Contact us or phone us on 09 489 1987 to talk about who your group is and agree a date and time for your group pilates class. 
  • We can provide promotional email templates or posters.
  • Enjoy!