Nutrition Workshop


WORKSHOP DATE: 25 February

Time: 2.30-4.00pm

Duration: 1.5 hours + Tour of IE Produce

This is an amazing workshop with Susie Cleland.

  • Build better habits to build a better body
  • Learn your metabolic type... why it’s important and what foods work best for you
  • Learn how to get rid of extra weight... and why you hold onto it
  • Understand how to increase your energy... look great and feel fabulous!
  • Achievable plan that is easy to implement
  • Small steps to change the way you eat

INCLUDES: Nutrition Booklet, Organic Product Tastings and a Tour of IE Produce.

Places strictly limited so BOOK ONLINE at ezybook to ensure your spot, then please pay here to confirm.



Susie’s nutrition and lifestyle course totally changed the way that I shop, cook and eat. It totally changed my life!

Carly FlynnTelevision Personality


Susie’s nutrition seminar completely changed my life! Honestly! The course changed everything that I knew about nutrition from the types of food that I was eating, to water, sleep, supplements and breathing. The changes I made to my nutrition weren’t difficult or expensive and the impact on my energy levels and life was amazing! I say that you simply have to do it!

Kelly Banks, Marketing Manager


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