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Discover Suna Pilates

Discover life-changing fitness! Prioritise your health and wellbeing and enjoy a more vibrant, energised and balanced you. You’ll look fantastic, and feel incredible.

At Suna you’ll experience faster transformation with smarter pilates. We focus on activating your core strength, cardio and equipment-based resistance training for intensive, highly controlled impact. With correct posture pilates builds resilience and muscle density quickly, lengthening and toning your body.

Postural focus is a fitness game-changer!

At Suna you can choose from different types of pilates classes, and for added variety, each class has a fresh focus. Because we want you to have great form and see extraordinary results, we’ll give you a one on one training session every six months, free.

We run small pilates classes with a team of dedicated, highly trained instructors to ensure that you get extensive personal direction and training. Our trainers constantly up-skill and get personal training from Susie. You can find out more about our amazing pilates instructors here.


'Suna' was the most wonderful god of all according to Greek mythology, and Suna is also the translation of an eastern phrase meaning ‘wellness and longevity of life’ – which explains why we’re called Suna Pilates. Real wellness and longevity of life is what we’re all about - along with living in a body that we feel great and look good in!

We believe that good, holistic exercise is the key to longevity. A lot of modern exercise isn’t 'good' for us – we're told 'no pain no gain' and strain and damage our bodies. Exercise often leads to limited fitness results, frustration and even injury.

We believe Suna Pilates is the best, and most natural exercise that there is; because at Suna, pilates is effective exercise that works to improve our fitness, our form, and the function of our bodies. Our goal is to build strength, stability and mobility through all positions, improving posture and creating a happier, healthier body for you to live in.

See what our wonderful pilates clientele say about Suna Pilates here!

Back issues or injuries? We are an approved ACC Registered Vendor

If you have an injuries from an accident, pilates can often help accelerate your recovery dramatically. 
Your Case Manager can authorise payment for rehabilitation at Suna Pilates, so you can attend our highly personalised SunaForm pilates classes, or get one-one-one rehab.

Suna Pilates is hard core, zero impact fitness - fast!

There’s a common misconception that pilates is similar to yoga or that pilates is just stretching – its not! We’ve had All Blacks who have told us it’s the hardest workout that they’ve ever done.

Suna Pilates is a high energy and really challenging exercise – but it’s kind to your body. There is a perception that the harder you workout, the more you achieve. This is not necessarily true.

To achieve excellent results you must work out in the correct posture – so it’s really important you are getting corrected and adjusted as you go. This makes you feel good, and improves your body’s function, your form and your fitness really quickly. We work people smarter, rather than harder. We energise people, rather than exhaust them. Suna Pilates is exercise for smart people; because it’s good for them.

We always wanted to offer more than other Pilates studios and provide fantastic pilates classes. Developed over 15 years, our Pilates is based on fitness not physio. We’ve taken the original basis of Joseph Pilates’ exercise and incorporated learnings from biomechanical and anatomical research, as well as years of hands on development in the studio. We believe that we are the clear leader in the pilates field - with a new generation of Pilates.

Suna Pilates is different and better because it includes:

  • updated Pilates exercises to include learnings in functional anatomy from the last 100 years and improved postural training
  • muscular sequencing training, to ensure we get the correct muscles to work for each pilates movement we do
  • dynamic interval training - improves all over health and heart health
  • diaphragmatic breathing - improves oxygen saturation for increased energy
  • seasonal training - movements fit the seasonal changes in our bodies to restore better seasonal and circadian rhythms
  • "neurobic" training - mind body connection, exercise for brain and body to keep both young
  • metabolic training - increasing and maintaining metabolic rate, better for weight loss and optimizing all body systems - from immune function to digestion, through a combination of the above
  • meditation/being present to clear head space and de-stress

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Want to find out how to actually make exercise work for you? Read Suna's Big Six!

Our aim at Suna Pilates has been to make Pilates more accessible and available to everyone, regardless of age, sex, budget or current level of fitness. We have worked to turn an exercise that is genuinely good for everyone into an exercise everyone can do, everyone can benefit from and everyone can afford.

We’ve created pilates classes and pricing options to suit every budget and encourage you to come as many times a week as you can. Memberships start from as little as $17.50 per week, easily comparable to gym memberships, yet we have fully directed and supervised equipment based pilates classes.

Suna Pilates was originally founded in 2000 by our Director of Pilates Susie Cleland.

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