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Pilates Classes + Studio Memberships

Pilates is for everyone, and regardless of your fitness level, age and goals, we have got the right Pilates class for you. If you want a great Pilates workout building strength, tone, and functional fitness, if you want to work hard but workout right, want to make meaningful and sustainable change, want to be well, live well and age well free from injury, want to listen to your body and to focus on how you feel, not just simply how you look, you’ve come to the right place for amazing results. De-stress and re-energise with Pilates - and enjoy feeling mentally and physically fantastic. 

Our Pilates studio is in Takapuna on the North Shore. We are just 10 minutes from central Auckland, with lots of car parking, which means that many Auckland commuters can pop in at lunch time or on their way to or from work. Our different Pilates classes are all equipment-based for maximum effectiveness and fully supervised by experienced Suna Pilates trainers who guide you through every exercise for maximum results. Exercising in the right posture is the key to effective workouts that deliver the results you want - that’s why the quality of our incredible Pilates trainers makes all the difference. 

Experience Suna Pilates with a special Trial Pack

Joining Suna Pilates is easy! Plus, you can save 15% on all memberships when you pay for a year up front! Just sign up to buy any membership or call 09 489 1987 and we'll set you up. We want everything to be easy and simple, so we don’t use scary contracts. If you want to put your plan on hold for holidays just tell us two weeks before, or to end your membership, give us 4 weeks’ notice. 

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