Membership Choices

Weekly plans for unlimited access to your favourite Pilates classes

  • SunaFit - Access to all equipment based Pilates classes unique to Suna 
  • SunaForm - Access to all Pilates Reformer classes 
  • HIIT 30 - Access to all 30 minute HIIT Pilates classes 
  • SunaDuo Unlimited - Unlimited SunaFit and SunaExpress Pilates classes 
  • SunaTotal Unlimited - Unlimited Suna Pilates classes 

+ Save 15% on all membership plans if you pay up front!

Setting up your Suna Pilates membership is easy - Just call 09 489 1987 now!

We want everything to be easy and simple at Suna so we don’t use scary contracts. If you want to put your plan on hold for holidays just tell us two weeks beforehand, or to end your weekly membership payments just give us 4 weeks’ notice.  You can pay by credit card or direct debit. T&Cs apply.