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Suspension Course - Pilates Instructor Training

  • $375.00

Pilates Apparatus Suspension course by Suna Pilates

Do you want to add variety to your exercises and challenge your clients even more? Take your Pilates training to the next level and learn new ways to sculpt, tone and strengthen your clients' bodies by adding suspension to your workouts.

This 3 hour course is for students who have Mat Pilates experience and want to add to their skills. Using suspension is a great way to introduce your clients to new and exciting Pilates exercises, keep your classes fresh, and add more resistance to Pilates classes to build greater strength, mobility and stability. 

Suspension equipment is very affordable to purchase for your studio and super fun to use.

You can attend this course in our Auckland studio or online via Zoom training. If you have questions about this Pilates Instructor Training course, please email us or call 09 489 1987.

Once you graduate you will be have:

  • The knowledge to successfully and safely incorporate suspension into Mat sessions
  • The comprehension of how and why suspension can be an important part of, and addition to, mat teaching
  • The ability to apply the suspension variations to exercises you already teach/know
  • The ability to analyze and correct postures with the addition of suspension, and to know when its use is appropriate
  • The ability to create beneficial, safe, challenging and fun sessions with suspension

There are so many Pilates exercises you can do on the suspension equipment, and your clients will love the variety.

Learning modules covered in this Pilates Instructor Training Course:

  1. Suspension safety and use (what can / can’t we do, what do we need to be aware of)
  2. Mat Level 1 exercise list with suspension variations
  3. Suna suspension exercises
  4. Postural focus and injury awareness
  5. Running a suspension session

See why people choose Pilates Instructor Training with Suna Pilates, and view our course timetable here. Please email us or call 09 489 1987 to book your place now.

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