• Personal Training Session for Two People

Personal Training Session for Two People

  • $100.00

Just you and a friend in and a skilled Pilates trainer... learn the postural principles of Pilates, focus on your unique goals, and share your personal training sessions with a friend.

SunaDuo are 45 minute Pilates personal training sessions for two people. You'll get the full attention of one of our expert Pilates instructors to ensure you get the maximum benefit. You will learn the key principles of Pilates, how they relate to you, and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.


  • Work on your mind body co-ordination 
  • Gain confidence and competence in exercise
  • Focus on specific goals 
  • Enjoy increased fitness 
  • If you've got specific health and fitness goals or need a rehab programme for injury, SunaDuo Pilates sessions can be completely tailored to meet your needs. 
  • We begin with a postural analysis and assessment of any injuries and tensions.

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A SunaDuo pilates session is $100 - just $50 each for a personal training session!

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