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Personal Training for Pregnancy

  • $750.00

Pregnancy is such a special journey and we're here to help keep you fit, well and centered, with Personal Training online or in studio - it's your choice! You can even add access to our On Demand Pilates plan to enjoy a large range of workouts at home.

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This programme is designed to give you access to PT sessions at a great price, with a Pilates Instructor fully trained in Pilates for Pregnancy. Personal Training is designed to be completely adaptable to your physical needs and also the stages of pregnancy as your body changes and your body grows. With these PT sessions you can track your progress and target different fitness goals throughout your pregnancy.

  • Book all your sessions with one Instructor or swap and change for variety.
  • Do your sessions via zoom with expert guidance in the comfort of your home, or come into the Takapuna Pilates Studio for your PT sessions as often as you like.
  • Choose 8 PT sessions plus access to our On Demand portal for unlimited online workouts (save $320, RRP $970)
  • Or 10 PT sessions (save $100, RRP$850)
Want wellbeing & nutrition advice as well?

Our experienced Kinesiology practitioners can use a Wellness Assessment to analyse your body and uncover issues, their causes and ways to reset your body to greater balance. We test things such as your blood sugar mechanism, circulation, adrenal, bladder and hormones, which can also be corrected to leave you feeling fantastic. 

We can also talk with you about metabolic typing and help you find your metabolic type - this can help ensure you get the ideal nutrition during pregnancy, and avoid surplus weight gain.

Because our Kinesiologists are trained in the physiology of Pilates, they can combine their understanding of what they find using Kinesiology with in-session treatment and strategic actions you can take to be physically as well as possible. Ask us about these options when you book your first session.

If you have questions or concerns, talk to our team about how Suna Pilates can best work for you during pregnancy.


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