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Pilates Ball

  • $20.00

This lightweight ball is made from soft pliable PVC and is very easy to grip. Ideal for pilates workouts for isometric holds (static exercise where specific muscles are targeted), leg and abdominal exercises and as an alignment aid. The nature of these balls mean they are also fantastic for modified activities for children and the elderly.

Benefits of owning a Pilates Ball

  • Postural improvement – strengthen the areas that need strengthening to correct and maintain better posture
  • Challenge – make exercises harder
  • Assistance – make exercises easier
  • Variation/freshness in sessions – the more variations you know the fresher the class will stay, the more clients you can maintain and attract
  • Strength building – add resistance
  • Stability building – challenge stabilizers and build strength in stabilizing muscle groups
  • Mobility/flexibility building – gain mobility and flexibility increasing the ROM in all movements
  • Toning – the resistance of the Pilates ball/Swiss ball increases muscle tone
  • Fun

Plus it fits so easily into your bag once deflated if you're heading away on holiday... and don't forget you can do Suna on Demand when you go away!

Diameter: 20cm when fully inflated. Available in silver.