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Personal Training for Juniors

  • $70.00

These Personal Training sessions are 30-45 minute Pilates workouts with one of our expert Pilates instructors and ideal for children and teens aged 7-15 years old. You can choose in studio or an online training session via zoom.

Pilates personal training sessions are ideal for older children and teens, and ensure they get the maximum benefit from Pilates, with a focus on their needs and growing bodies. Pilates is incredible for building great posture, body awareness, and general fitness. 

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We begin with a postural analysis and assessment of any injuries and tensions. Your children can learn the key principles of Pilates, how they relate to their bodies, and how to incorporate them into everyday life for a fit, well body. 

In a Suna Pilates Junior personal training session, we can:

  • Strengthen great posture habits
  • Work on mind body co-ordination 
  • Gain confidence and competence in exercise
  • Rehabilitate injury, pain or specific muscular weaknesses
  • Use muscle testing to reveal underlying issues, as well as identifying groups of muscles that are not working well, or are working too much! 

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