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6 Course Pilates Instructor Certification Combo

  • $4,391.00
  • $4,895.00

Full Pilates Instructor Course Combo by Suna Pilates

Serious about your new career? Fast track your Pilates Certification with this all inclusive Instructor Training Combo option. It includes:

  • Mat Pilates Level 1 Course
  • Reformer Pilates Course
  • 4 x Half Day Courses of your choice

You can attend this course in our Auckland studio or online via Zoom training. 

With a qualification to teach Mat, Reformer & Small Apparatus Pilates you can:

  • Get employment in a Pilates studio (maybe even at Suna!)
  • Use a Pilates qualification recognised globally - take your skills with you
  • Create your own Pilates classes and a timetable that works for your lifestyle, teach Pilates one-on-one, or offer larger Pilates classes
  • Work as many or as few hours as you want, with total flexibility
  • If you are a health professional, this knowledge will help you support your clients with injury prevention, rehab, strengthening specific muscle groups and better body awareness

Once you graduate you will be able to:

  • Teach fundamental Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates exercises understanding the exercises theoretically and physically
  • Verbalise exercises with versatility
  • Correct postures, principles and exercises effectively and safely
  • Modify exercises for a given client and teach workouts specific to a client's needs
  • Develop the knowledge and understanding that are needed to safely teach and adjust basic level Pilates classes
  • Change the physical set up of the reformer to suit a huge variety of exercises

Things to know:

  • Course duration is a total of 52 hours
  • Pilates equipment can be purchased during your course at a 15% discount. Workout session sheets are also available for purchase
  • On completion of each of the Mat Pilates Level 1 course and the Reformer course, you will have approximately one month to practice what you've learned before sitting your exam. When you are ready, you will request your exam sheet and then video yourself teaching a friend or family member the prescribed exercises for a 45-minute class. You'll then send us your video for grading.

Optional Extra - get one week of Suna Pilates workouts FREE. These classes may be attended either before or after any of your courses.

See why people choose Pilates Instructor Training with Suna Pilates, and view our course timetable here. You can attend this course in our Auckland studio or online via Zoom training. Please email us or call 09 489 1987 to book your place now.

Gain an internationally recognised Pilates Instructor Qualification

Our certification programme is widely recognised and our graduate trainers teach around the world. With Pilates, demonstrable experience and the skill to deliver classes to a level that challenges people of all abilities and fitness levels safely is key. Our experience has been that Suna Pilates Instructor Course graduates only need to demonstrate what they can do to be offered a job anywhere in the world.

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