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  • $20.00

A safe and effective workout tool for all levels. The body responds well to different techniques, so adding 5-10 min of flexiband (1.5m) 2-3 days a week can really help keep you in shape. 

Benefits of owning a Flexiband:

  • Postural improvement – strengthen the areas that need strengthening to correct and maintain better posture
  • Challenge – make exercises harder
  • Assistance – make exercises easier
  • Strength building – add resistance
  • Stability building – challenge stabilizers and build strength in stabilizing muscle groups
  • Mobility/flexibility building – gain mobility and flexibility increasing the ROM in all movements
  • Toning – the resistance of the flexiband increases muscle tone
  • Fun

Plus it fits so easily into your bag if you're heading away on holiday... and don't forget you can do Suna on Demand when you go away!