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Trial Four Pack - Personal Training + Reformer + Pilates Fit

Trial Four Pack - Personal Training + Reformer + Pilates Fit


Here's what you get in your Suna Pilates trial

  • 2 Personal Training Sessions Class
  • 1 Pilates Reformer Class
  • 1 Pilates Fit Class

That's $225 worth of value in one Pilates Starter Pack - for just $99!

    One-on-one Pilates coaching offers the highest level of personalisation to help you reach your goals. During your two Personal Training sessions, we can connect with you to learn about your fitness goals and wellness dreams and really understand what motivates you and makes you unique.

    Personal Training is perfect to help you fast track your Pilates style and reach your goals sooner, or  if you have an injury you want to rehab, need to boost your injury prevention - or have a baby on the way. In your first session we will take you through the Postural Principles of Suna Pilates, introduce you to some of the exercises and do a one-on-one training session. 

    During your Pilates Trial you can also try 1 Reformer Pilates class and 1 Pilates Fit class to see which bests suits your body.

    Only exercising in the right posture will get correct results and, at Suna Pilates, postural focus and correction makes our Pilates style more effective than anything you have ever tried before. Suna Pilates classes quickly improve your body shape, toning and fitness level, while maximising your core conditioning, strength and flexibility. Our small group classes are fully supervised and directed by highly qualified Pilates Trainers who give you personal attention and correction to keep you safe, and to ensure you get results fast.

    Want help?  You can call 09 489 1978 and we can set you up now.

    Suna Pilates Trials are for people who are new to Suna only (not returning clients).