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Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training x 1 $85
Personal Training x 3 $235
Personal Training x 5 $385
Personal Training x 10 $750

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These Personal Training sessions are 45 minute Pilates workouts for one-on-one attention with one of our expert Pilates instructors. Choose in studio or online via Zoom.

One-on-one Pilates coaching offers the highest level of personalisation to help you reach your goals. During a Personal Training session we can connect with you to learn about your fitness goals and wellness dreams, and really understand what motivates you and makes you unique.

Pilates PT sessions are all about YOUR goals!

If you have specific health and fitness goals, are newly pregnant, or need an injury rehab programme, just let us know what you want to achieve. Personal Pilates sessions can be completely tailored to meet your individual needs and help you reach your goals.

Tired of living with pain? Want to experience how Pilates can help?

Pilates personal training sessions are ideal for Rehab work, and ensure you get the maximum rehabilitation benefit from Pilates. Pilates is incredible for injury or post-surgery rehabilitation or for resolving ongoing physical pain, weakness or lack of mobility. 

Personal Training is used by many of our clients for resolving back pain, knee issues or many other physical issues that can really affect daily life and wellbeing. We'll discuss a personal plan to help you correct structure and function to get rid of issues and pain.

First time at Suna Pilates?

We begin with a postural analysis and assessment of any injuries and tensions. You can learn the key principles of Pilates, how they relate to you, and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. 

 Want help?  You can call 09 489 1987 and we can set you up now.