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Pilates Fit Classes + Memberships

Pilates Fit Classes + Memberships

 Single Class* $20
5 Class Pass $90
10 Class Pass $180
1 class per week $16
Up to 3 classes per week $32
Up to 7 classes per week $42
Annual Pass up to 3 classes per week – 15% discount $1415
Annual Pass up to 7 classes per week – 15% discount $1855

*To purchase a Single Class click here and at the bottom of the page select "Not a Member? Make a Booking."

Our 45-minute Pilates Fit classes are fantastic for general toning and fitness. These sessions use spring based Pilates equipment and are suitable for people with all levels of Pilates experience, as all classes are fully supervised and directed by a Suna Pilates trainer. Pilates Fit classes are unique to Suna, and our once-a-week option is only $16 /week!  Memberships can be canceled with four weeks’ notice.

  • High energy, fat burning, body shaping, lengthening and stress reducing
  • Full body workout every session, challenging and fun
  • Great for rehab and injury prevention
  • Muscle specific exercises strengthen weak areas, such as backs and knees
  • Multi-level Pilates classes provide different levels of challenge
  • Perfect for all ages, fitness levels or abilities
  • Maximum 20 people in the studio for personal attention
  • Access to 40+ classes a week, bookings required

Want help? You can call 09 489 1978 and we can set you up now.